British Doctor Claims U.S. Medical Services Disregards Healthcare As A Basic Human Right

President Trump knows he has to come up with a viable healthcare plan to compete with the healthcare plan the Democrats think will win them the Senate and the presidency in 2020. It’s not a secret. The current healthcare system in the United States focuses more on payment than on service.

Bernie Sanders wants to implement Medicare-for-all if he wins the election. And there’s a lot of support for a healthcare plan that is not a for-profit medical plan. The Republicans call Medicare-for-all socialism, and in a sense that’s right. All capitalism leads to a form of socialism, according to economic scholars. Incorporating a socialized medicine system would eliminate the pay-as-you-go mentality that has the American healthcare system on life support.

Former British obstetrician Adam Kay wrote a book about the highs and lows of being a doctor in Britain. Kay claims doctors around the world are under an enormous amount of emotional pressure no matter what country they serve. But when he cut his finger on a piece of glass while visiting the United States, he realized how screwed up the American healthcare system is. According to, Kay called America’s healthcare a for-profit pay-as-you-go system that lets people know upfront healthcare isn’t a basic human right.

Kay never paid for healthcare until he visited an American emergency room. Dr. Kay’s finger wasn’t the emergency room’s first priority. His traveling healthcare insurance card was the first thing he had to present before he got proper medical attention. The focus on money before treatment made Kay realize healthcare has a different meaning in the U.S. The NHS in Britain is the closest thing the Brits have to a national religion, according to Dr. Kay. Kay left medicine and became a comedian.

The NHS treats people according to their clinical needs, not their ability to pay. People who live paycheck-to-paycheck get the same treatment as the people who live in Windsor Castle. In his book “This Is Going to Hurt,” Kay admits other healthcare systems might function more efficiently, but none of those systems are as fair as Britain’s NHS.
Now that Boris Johnson and the conservatives are in power some Brits believe Boris will make a trade deal with Trump that impacts the NHS. They worry Johnson may privatize healthcare in England. Trump told the press everything is on the table when it comes to a trade deal with the United States. The Brits think that’s a warning. Boris could carve up the NHS in order to cement a trade deal that makes the U.K. less dependent on the EU when Brexit is a done deal.

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