Health Care Was a Major Topic at the Democratic Debate

One of the biggest topics among Democratic presidential hopefuls has been health care. It has been discussed for well over 90 minutes at all of the Democratic debates combined. As you might expect, the candidates have different ideas about how to provide the people of the United States with the highest quality healthcare for the lowest possible prices. The latest Democratic debate was a carbon copy of the previous ones. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been promoting a plan called Medicare for All. Under this plan, all Americans would no longer be covered by private insurance companies. They would instead be part of a health care system that would be run by the United States government.

Joe Biden defended the way that the health care system works right now. He said that there are millions of people who want to get their medical coverage from a private insurance company. It will be interesting to see how the presidential race plays out. Health care is obviously a very important issue in this country. This is because there are millions of people who are poor and do not have any medical insurance. There are also many people who are covered who do not want their current coverage to be changed in any way.

President Donald Trump has not weighed in on the health care issue with the exception of trying to get rid of former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. There is a very good possibility that millions of people in this country will make their choice of the Democratic nominee for president based on that person’s stance on health care. There are many people who have criticized Medicare for All because of the enormous amount of money that it would cost to run a system of that size and scope. Warren and Sanders have maintained that it can be done.

Senator Bernie Sanders used the word dysfunctional to describe the health care system as it is currently constructed in the United States. There are many people who believe that changes need to be made. However, there are also many people be feel that going to a health care system that is totally controlled by the government might be a step in the wrong direction. Only time will tell if this issue helps to propel a certain candidate to the nomination. We will have to wait and see.

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