Proposed Bill To Provide Illegal Immigrants In California With Medicaid Benefits Draws Criticism From Former NFL Player

NFL legend Herschel Walker went vocal with his criticism of a proposed bill in California that would provide some illegal immigrants in the states with healthcare benefits.

California Governor Gavin Newsome agreed with Democratic lawmakers on a policy that 18-25-year-old low-income illegal immigrants be provided with Medicaid benefits.

The deal, which will go into effect in January, is a component of a larger $213 million budget.

Walker played in the NFL for 12 seasons and went to multiple Pro Bowls. Walker used Twitter to make his displeasure with the bill known to his followers.

In the Tweet, Walker pointed out that the streets of California are filled with trash and homeless Americans living in tents. He then asked how the focus of lawmakers in the state can be on healthcare for illegal immigrants when legal residents have nowhere to live.

The message left by Walker was retweeted 24,000 times and 78,000 people liked the comment.

California lawmakers say that 90,000 undocumented residents would receive the benefits. The cost to the state is $98 million.

A plan was also considered that would make Medicaid benefits available to all illegal immigrants in California. Governor Newsome says the $3.4 billion price tag on that program is too steep for the state.

The state will pay for the new benefits through a new tax that will be imposed on state citizens who do not have health insurance. The move reminds many people of the national penalty that was implemented nationwide for Americans without health insurance by former President Barack Obama. The policy from Obama was rescinded by Republican lawmakers in 2017 as part of a tax code overhaul.

Many people see the move on the part of California lawmakers as a gentle pushback against the crackdowns President Donald Trump has implemented on illegal immigrants. The relationship between the president and lawmakers in the state has been strained since Trump took over as president.

The complete legislature for the state will vote on the bill in the coming days. The bill must receive the approval of the legislature for the bill to become law. The lawmakers are required by state law to provide a budget by June 15. The penalty for not completing the process is a loss of salary.

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