Acting With a Committed Mindset – Getting to Know USHEALTH Advisors’ Travis Yoder

There are a variety of sayings that talk about how successful people aren’t born, but rather they are made by their circumstances. For Travis Yoder, that couldn’t be truer. As an only child who looked up to his mother and saw her 40-year commitment to her career as an achievement to set his sights on. He entered into the health coverage industry with a passion to excel.


Not only does Yoder, Senior VP of Sales at USHEALTH Advisors, enjoy the process of trying to do his best in every area of his life, but he knows that the work he does helps millions of people around the world.


Going With The Flow


While he is incredibly professional in every sense of the word, Travis Yoder also has a very down to earth and relatable side to him, which is quite possibly one reason he has attained such success during his 12-year career in the insurance industry. He and his wife lived in 5 different states while he built his book of business and honed his skills.


Finally settling in Texas, he joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2009. His previous experience at another agency, which earned him distinctions as a “Top 3 Recruiter” and saw a book of business that topped $10 million annually, allowed him to hit the ground running in his new position.


With a company guidepost of HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday, Yoder knew that the organization was the right fit for him. Seeing how dedicated and self-sacrificing his mother was during his own childhood, Travis has emulated these qualities that his company also strives to mirror.


Addressing Business In Texas


Travis’ position at USHEALTH Advisors upon hire was that of Vice President of Market Development.. This appointment back in 2009 was crucial for Yoder and for the company as a whole, as the entire health coverage marketplace was shifting. Responsible for growing the sales team in 30 states, Yoder assisted USHA as they entered a huge growth phase in 2010.

His dedication to USHA and its values and products paid off in 2012, where he was promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales. In this role, Yoder works to expand the success of USHEALTH Advisors in conjunction with Regional and Divisional Sales Leaders.


While the responsibilities are large, USHA as a whole makes Travis’ job an enjoyable one, as they offer health coverage products that are affordably priced and customized to fit the needs of individuals who do not have the benefit of employer-sponsored insurance. From vision and dental to life and disability, freelancers, small business owners, and families can all benefit from the portfolio of products offered by USHEALTH Group.


Setting Milestones While Giving Back At USHEALTH Advisors


The company naturally attracts those with an altruistic mindset, and one of the many things that Travis loves about his work is his ability to make a difference in a big way. Conferences across the country always place a focus on giving back in some way to the community that hosted them, and support around the world for those in need is always high up on the USHA priority list.

ushealth advisors (USHA)

Alongside their humanitarian efforts, Yoder and the team at USHEALTH Advisors also continue to break the mold when it comes to health coverage options. In the Fall of 2015 alone, the company broke 5 national sales records with impressive growth across the United States. Not only does this speak to Yoder’s skill set, but it also demonstrates that individuals across the nation are turning to USHEALTH Group more and more to meet their health needs.

Excelling In All Areas


It’s not just the health coverage arena that sees the dedicated side of Travis Yoder, as he acts with thoughtful intention in every area of his life. Together with wife Michelle, they are raising the next generation of driven individuals in their daughter, Presley. While having their first child presented a bit of a challenge, Travis attributes their beautiful girl to the persistence that’s been ingrained in him since a young age.


He and his daughter share a love of golf, a sport that certainly comes with its own set of milestones. Always aiming to be the best, Yoder once hit two holes in one during a tournament in 2010. It’s this drive that’s seen in his personal life, golf game, and family dynamics that even further proves how effective Travis is in his role at USHA.


As a top-level executive at one of the most promising health coverage providers in the nation, Travis Yoder is an example for us all. An industry veteran who has never lost sight of the real purpose behind his work, he continues to demonstrate that with persistence and the right frame of mind, all of us can reach our goals.

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