The Impact Of System Expansions On The Healthcare Sector

Current investigations have revealed the healthcare environment has made system expansions that are clearly affecting the safety of the patients and the quality of the clinical care received. These effects are especially substantial when doctors are experiencing any changes in the setting or patient population they are used to seeing in their practices. Drastic changes are occurring in the healthcare space due to the increase in mergers and acquisitions. These system expansions are known to cause three significant risks to safety. This includes pharmaceutical companies, large medical practices, professional medical organizations, medical device manufacturers and hospitals. These changes have been identified in all of the above categories and include changes in clinician practice settings, infrastructure and the patient populations.

When a healthcare organization experiences a system expansion they often experience a shift in patient demographics as well as patient volume. This is an unfamiliar change for the organization. New patients must be accounted for during the expansion or they may be placed at risk for inadequate treatments. This is because there may no longer be enough healthcare personal available to handle the decrease in healthcare providers or the increased volume of the patients. These providers may be lacking the experience necessary in the proper treatment of specific demographics. For additional details please visit

Attention must be focused on an improvement in the healthcare staff’s diversity. The possible safety risks to the patients can be reduced by increasing the number of medical assistants, nurses and clinicians available for the patients. When a healthcare organization undergoes a major system expansion they usually increase their financial resources to purchase new equipment, supplies and information systems. Sometimes this infrastructure change will improve the outcomes of the patients. When the clinicians are not familiar with the new tools the result may be errors in their performance that place unnecessary risks on the patients. It is important the healthcare professionals receive training for the new technology. This is the best way for them to get past the learning curve for the new systems.

Physicians are often required to travel to new locations due to healthcare expansions. These doctors often lack the time necessary to become familiar with the new location. They are practicing with unfamiliar teams, processes, infrastructures and cultures. This can result in errors and miscommunication. This will have a negative impact on the care received by the patients. Proper planning is required to decrease the concerns for the safety of the patients.

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