Justice Department Moves to Strike Down Pre-Existing Conditions

Diabetes, pregnancy and arthritis are all considered a pre-existing condition. Prior to Obama Care, preexisting conditions were one of the most challenging aspects of health care coverage. Especially for those who did not have any coverage through an employer. The introduction of Obama Care was a huge relief to these individuals. Under the current health care law individuals cannot be denied healthcare due to their existing health condition. The Affordable Health Care Act also restricted insurance companies from charging higher premiums due to preexisting conditions. However, this can soon change in 2019 if the Justice Department wins their lawsuit.
If the clause is removed, 52 million Americans can be placed in jeopardy of losing their health care. The Justice Department is determined to remove the clause from the Affordable Health Care Act. As a result, individuals with pre-existing conditions will face the possibility of being denied health care coverage as well as an increase to their premiums based on their health history. This will basically return the health care environment to pre-Obama Care conditions.
Prior to Obama Care individuals with a preexisting condition faced several challenges with having access to insurance. For example, approximately 29 million Americans have diabetes in the United States. This is a health condition that requires constant monitoring an extensive amount of medication. The cost of the medication can range from $14,000 to $19,000 per year without insurance. Prior to Obama Care, insurance companies had the right to raise the cost of premiums on a yearly basis. The cost maybe as high as $1,000 a month. A cost that is unaffordable for many. Without restricting premiums most individuals may choose to go without. Which can be deadly. According to the American Diabetes Association Diabetes is the 7th cause of death within the United States.
Returning to this type of health care environment can be catastrophic for individuals with preexisting conditions. Making current healthcare policies invalid. In addition, this will create even more uncertainty in a challenging healthcare market. Most of these individuals may only have access to State funded programs. Where they will be placed in a high risk pool state funded pools. However, the cost of the premiums and copay are still high in these scenarios. This is one of the most significant events in the upcoming year. If the clause for preexisting conditions is removed, millions of individuals will be impacted.

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