USHEALTH Advisors Spreading Cheer For The Holidays

USHealth Advisors (USHA) James Sackos Division continues to move the families of soldiers overseas by sending care packages to our soldiers. Just this thanksgiving, over 100 soldiers have received packages in fact. USHA will continue showing thankfulness for the holiday season by sending out, even more, care packages.


USHealth has motivated many community members to contribute to the care package effort. The care packages cost roughly $50 each and the entire plan was set up by Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHA. Each care package contains items that give them a small taste of home, while serving various purposes while they are overseas. This includes photos, written letters and drawings.


American brand-name snacks, were included to boost the morale of soldiers. Various toiletries have been included, because everybody needs a refresher sometimes. Energy drinks were also provided, as well as some other fun tastes of home.


Office members have also pitched with various items so that each package has a personal touch. The company has spent over $5,000 in sending the care packages over Thanksgiving and even more, will be spent during the Holiday Season.

Troy McQuagge

Soldiers receiving packages show a marked improvement in overall morale. The packages were designed so that soldiers may share and swap items, to improve social engagement.


This project was one of the most popular USHealth Advisors have ever attempted. They will be continuing aid projects for soldiers overseas while also maintaining other charitable avenues. USHealth are leading the way for corporate charitable endeavors that exceed most other companies.


While the current number of families helped with these care packages is at 100, USHA has no plans to rest on their laurels.


About USHEALTH Advisors


USHEALTH Advisors is an insurance company that provides a variety of plans for families and individuals. It is currently based in Fort Worth, Texas and they have many offices across the nation. They have multiple subsidiaries in different markets to provide a wide variety of services. You may recognize some of their names as Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, or the National Foundation Life Insurance Company.


Within 50-years, they have expanded to over 15 million customers to provide life-impacting services. Their offerings are all about giving choice and customization to meet individual needs. The diversity of their insurance plans is what makes them so desirable in this rigid market. Under Troy McQuagge’s leadership, the company has experienced exponential growth from 2014 onward.


They even have plans to accommodate users on a budget. Customers may opt into plans that only cover the bare minimum needs to save money so that they can afford coverage. Comprehensive plans are also available with the ability to only add on things that are necessary and desired.


Lately, the company is shifting its efforts to covering small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs. The market is not shifting in this direction and the company aims to be one of the first to capitalize on it.


A Top Employer

USHEALTH Advisors also has a great track record with employees. According to Glassdoor, the majority of employees and ex-employees have given the company five stars. The company was even rated within the top 50 of call center employers in the nation, according to the 2013 PFI Places Top 50 in Call Center Award.

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