5 of the Healthiest Subscription Services: Elysium Health, Blue Apron, and More

A new trend in healthy living is looking for ways to improve your in-home cooking experience. In most households both parents work, leaving little time for at-home cooking. But cooking at home has long been shown to be an effective method to eat healthy, consume nutrient-dense foods, and aid in monitoring the calories you consume.

With all of that in mind, who really has the time to cook anymore on a regular basis? Listed below are some of the most common, healthiest food subscription services that you can have for your home, with a brief comparison to lifestyle supplements from Elysium Health.

Top 5 Food Subscription Services

  1. Blue Apron. The new trend in healthy living is to pay a little extra to have gourmet meals delivered to your doorstep, with minimal preparation but maximum nutrients. One of the most famous companies that offer a meal delivery service is Blue Apron. Considered to be one of the founding companies in the food subscription service industry, Blue Apron offers a variety of meals that can be delivered to your door. The price of the subscription service is a bit higher than purchasing the ingredients at the store but cheaper than eating out (and healthier as well). With that said, the price for Blue Apron is about $20 per a two-person meal. While this may appear to be quite steep, word is that you end up with a lot of leftovers with Blue Apron, so consider this a good option.
  2. Home Chef. Another great food subscription service is Home Chef, which has a wide range of offerings to meet the needs of many households. The cost per meal is about $10, which also appears steep in the beginning. However, there is minimal preparation with your meals and there is plenty of variety for your taste buds.
  3. HelloFresh. HelloFresh is much like Blue Apron as it offers a bundle food delivery package for the household. HelloFresh partners with a well-known chefs, so take this as a great perk if you enjoy the quality meal preparation. The cost of HelloFresh is $69 for three meals for two people, which is comparable to Blue Apron. The service costs $59 for the vegetable option, so there is some price relief that you can get if you are not looking to purchase the meat. Overall, HelloFresh has good reviews and they are reasonably priced compared to other subscription services.
  4. Plated. Plated is another one of the original food subscription services that came out a few years ago. It is touted as having some of the best ingredients for a fair price. However, in terms of subscription service pricing, Plated is slightly higher than the others, with a two-person meal costing about $12. Spending a little extra on the services similar to Plated is something that households are accustomed to, since the whole idea of ordering this service is to get the best quality for the family’s health.
  5. Sun Basket. The final subscription service listed here is one that takes aim at organic foods. Many people are starting to make the shift to eating organic; however, the downside is that most organic foods in the grocery store are very expensive. With that said, Sun Basket offers an organic option that is only $70 per week. This is actually a reasonable price when compared to what you can normally get at the store. A two-person meal with Sun Basket is only about $12, which is evenly matched with Plated.

What About Health Supplement Subscriptions?

In addition to food subscription services, there are also supplement subscriptions that can be shipped to your home. One supplement company that aims to support the health of those looking at their well-being is Elysium Health (which we’ve written about here). Elysium Health is a consumer science company that translates advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work. Its product, called Basis, is designed to increase levels of NAD+ and support cellular health. If you’re already eating a healthy diet and staying active, increasing NAD+ levels with Basis is a great additional way to support your health.

The Cost of Basis Subscription Service

Elysium Health offers a few pricing options to fit your needs. A bottle of Basis without purchasing a subscription is $60, breaking down to about $2 per day. The great benefit of purchasing a subscription is that the price per bottle decreases significantly. A typical monthly subscription service costs $50 each month, which is already a $10 discount each month compared to purchasing individual bottles. In addition to this, if you select a 6-month service (which is all prepaid), you spend $270, or $45 per bottle. Lastly, a year subscription of Basis is $480, or $40 per bottle. The price scale is dependent on your individual needs but remaining on a subscription membership can certainly save you some money for a product that is designed to support your cellular well-being. You can find out more about Basis subscriptions here.

What Does All of This Mean for You?

Spending money on subscription services is a common practice that is making its way into the homes of virtually all adults. Paying for these services is a way to maximize daily life, while making healthier decisions. Having food delivered right to your door is a convenient way to skip a trip to the grocery store and it allows for you to make healthy choices. In addition, adding Basis to your subscription plethora is a way to ensure that you support your overall wellness so that you can continue to be as healthy as possible.

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