Blockchain Healthcare Management Startup Iryo Implements New Medical Record Keeping Technology

Blockchain technology continues to have new implementations investigated by various organizations around the world. One such new application being considered in the world of healthcare was recently announced when the new blockchain startup Iryo stated that they aimed to disrupt medical data ownership by giving full control to patients.
this company has a vision of a globally participatory healthcare network enabling individuals by providing access to modern electronic health record systems. This has already been implemented it in the real world in refugee camps in the Middle East.
Currently, around the globe, medical patients have little to no control over their medical records. Hypothetically a patient may have to be seen by several members of the healthcare field meaning they will need to carry copies of the documents between providers of healthcare. This has led to a scattering of medical data across various institutions and different healthcare providers and has created a lack of interoperability leaving doctors with no choice but to work with incomplete medical histories hampering the level of care possible.
The new blockchain startup Iryo has recently partnered with a company called Walk With Me to provide the infrastructure needed to improve the quality of medical care records within refugee camps in the Middle East. This will allow patients to have their medical files stored on their mobile devices. The startup is based out of Slovenia, and their philosophy is the creation of a new type of medical record which is independent of identity and always controlled by the patient. The technology used to create this will allow patients to have complete control over the medical histories and will be enabled by the use of blockchain technologies as well as modern encryption protocols.
The startup is aimed at creating a globally participatory healthcare network and hopes to improve the operation of healthcare management systems by both users patients and healthcare providers in addition to researchers and managers. They aim to do so by the adoption of a new medical standard called openEHR and have pledged their source code to be open source will we worked upon by various members of society within the industry. They hope that this will help to resolve issues of interoperability and healthcare from its foundations and will allow the better treatment of patients around the globe. This marks just another page in the book of potential implementations of blockchain technologies.

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