The Chinese government has reported 0 cases for the first time as the US records more than 300,000 infections

Total lockdown had been implemented in Wuhan until one week ago when the first train arrived in the city. The city began to allow the entry of people from other parts of the country and the world after 60 days of total isolation.

The Chinese government is trying to re-energize its epidemic-battered economy by allowing its citizens to resume normal schedules after the spread of the covid-19 pandemic to more than 200 territories around the world. China has allowed people to continue their normal routines even Wuhan City which hosts more than 10 million people. The government has also allowed entry of people from other parts of the country as a method to ease quarantine procedures.

China, the first country to be affected by the virus, has now loosened its restrictions on covid-19 as and has recorded the zero deaths for the first time since January. This has motivated many people in the country resume their normal duties. As several people continue being concerned about potential contact with the disease, sars-Cov-19 continues spreading around the world. It has been reported that the US has registered over 300,000 people infected with the virus. It is the highest number so far from any country in the world.

Over the las few days, Chinese media stations have showed crowds of people entering various cities including Wuhan city as the Chinese government continues managing the situation. Other residents slipped into the city via trains the previous day though train services in the country had banned passengers from disembarking.

Wuhan city is reportedly opening up despite some medical professionals claiming that it may be too soon. Many people, about 2,500, are still under medical supervision as the city continues to stop the spread of the novel virus.

China has managed to contain the spread of the virus after implementing travel restrictions. Thousands of residential compounds in the country have been labeled ‘epidemic-free.’ A member of the Hubei Health Commission, Liu Dongru, said that the effort to contain the spread of the virus continues despite some parts of Wuhan being considered ‘low-risk areas.’ He added that zero new cases reported do not eliminate the possibility of more people getting infected.

The US, which is the most affected country so far, has warned of hard days ahead as more than 70,000 become victims of the virus in New York alone. With more than 1.3 million people infected around the world, the death toll has reached 74,795. Experts say that the virus is yet to reach its peak in these countries which include the US, Spain, Italy, China, France, and Iran. Medical experts continue to urge the public to stay indoors to curb the spread of the virus.

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