Diabetes: Awareness and Self-Care are Vital

According to the World Health Organization, around 420 million people have diabetes worldwide. This staggering number is slowly increasing and a westernized diet is considered the main culprit. It is imperative diabetes patients are knowledgeable of their condition and take the necessary steps to protect their health at all times.

Medical Intervention Alone Is Not Enough

Patients can receive medications and education from their healthcare provider, but if they do not put the information into action, their condition will continue to deteriorate. Unfortunately, patient compliance is one of the biggest issues causing increased morbidity among diabetes patients. When individuals do not take their medications and follow a healthy, low-carb diet, their blood sugar levels are not going to remain at safe numbers.

How Can Diabetics Practice Self-Care?

Diabetes is a life-long medical condition. Although it can often be managed with diet alone, the condition never goes away. Practicing self-care can help diabetes patients to manage their condition and keep their blood sugar levels where they should be, for optimal health. Consider the following for diabetic self-care practices.

  • Knowing the symptoms of high and low blood sugar is essential. Immediate action must be taken if blood sugar levels go too high or too low.
  • Diabetics need to check their blood sugar levels throughout the day. Keeping a log of the numbers will help their doctor to offer proper intervention treatment as needed.
  • Following a healthy diet is essential for managing type II diabetes. A low carb diet can reduce blood sugar levels and keep them under better control.
  • Exercise plays a crucial role in the management of diabetes. Cardio exercises improve the way the body handles blood sugar levels. It also helps to reduce weight, which can improve the body’s insulin response.
  • Regular checkups with a doctor is also important. When a patient is practicing self-care and seeing their doctor as often as they should, they will be better able to keep their bodies healthy.


Diabetes is a serious medical condition, but it can be managed. Knowledge and self-action are key to properly managing diabetes and ensuring a person’s health is not compromised as a result of prolonged high blood sugar levels.

The above tips should help diabetics to practice self-care and protect their health as much as possible. Diabetes treatment must include diet and lifestyle changes because medication alone will not allow for sustained management of the disease.

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