Chamonix and Genucel Products Enhanced with Facial Exercises

It may still seem a bit out of the ordinary but facial exercises are beginning to hit the mainstream of the health conscious world. Classes and seminars, specifically devoted to facial exercise, are now being taught at many gyms and spas. Anecdotal accounts of people looking younger after doing facial exercises are becoming more frequent. Some trainers have even begun specializing in this form of exercise. If you use Genucel anti-aging products by Chamonix, it is worth at least exploring the possibility of doing facial exercises along with your Genucel treatments to enhance the anti-aging effect even more.

There must be something to facial exercises because actors and actresses have been using them for decades. In fact, the practice goes back to at least 5000 BC. Cleopatra, ancient Egyptian royalty, and some of the ancient Chinese empresses, are thought to have practiced facial exercises. Additionally, while they may not have had the benefit of Genucel anti-aging products, these ancient cultures used ancient herbal applications to smooth out their facial wrinkles and reduce their eye bags. Other famous people who are rumored to do facial exercises include Cindy Crawford, Madonna, Reece Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Ivens, Christy Turlington, Oprah Winfrey, Isha Sharvani, Meghan Markle, and the male model, Gaurav Mavi.

Those in the business of teaching facial exercise often use fun names for these exercises like facial yoga, facercise, facial gymnastics, facial fitness, Facerobics, and FaceGym. But one has to ask, do these facial exercises actually work? Do facial exercises actually make you look younger? Can facial exercises reduce wrinkles, reduce eye bags, and give you a sleeker looking jawline like Genucel anti-aging products? A research team from Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois set about to answer these and similar questions last year.

The facial exercise research was led by Dr. Murad Alam, a dermatology professor in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. He was joined by a team of five researchers and practicing dermatologists. The team also included Gary Sikorski, a popular facial yoga expert, who runs Happy Face Yoga in Providence, Rhode Island and does facial exercise seminars throughout the New England area. While it is non-traditional to do so, Mr. Sikorski’s name appears on the research paper too, showing how valuable the research team deemed his contributions.

The work was published March 2018 in the professional journal, JAMA Dermatology, put out by the American Medical Society. The research is a good example of a growing trend for the medical community and university academics to take more seriously holistic non-toxic approaches in dealing with health issues. Of course, Chamonix uses both the best science and the best knowledge base of natural remedies to create products like Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy, Genucel Eyelid Treatment, Genucel XV, Genucel Immediate Effects, Genucel Jawline Treatment, and Genucel Deep Firming Serum. However, the medical field has been a bit more reluctant but it looks like this may be changing, albeit slowly.

Let’s delve into how Dr. Alam’s research team designed their experiment to test whether or not facial exercises actually work. As the first clinical trial to ever scientifically evaluate this question, the researchers intentionally kept the number of participants relatively small. They also decided to use only women in the study to reduce the number of possible variables . Initially, they recruited and enrolled a total of twenty-seven women. However, eleven women dropped out of the study early and sixteen women completed the full twenty weeks of the study. The data presented in the paper was collected from the sixteen women who completed the study.

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The participants ranged in age from forty to sixty-five, with a mean age of 53. They were all enthusiastic about learning the facial exercises and volunteering for the study. In this way, they were self-selecting. On the initial assessment, they all showed signs of sun damage and atrophy on their face, i.e. all good candidates for wanting and needing improvement. They were the types of women who would be likely to try Genucel anti-aging products.

The researchers went with Mr. Sikorski’s suggestion of having the women perform thirty-two different types of facial exercises, which he estimated would take about thirty minutes to complete once they knew how to do them. All of the women’s faces and necks were photographed to show details of how they looked before they did the facial exercises. All of the women received two, one on one, ninety minute training exercises with Mr. Sikorski to learn how to perform the facial exercises accurately. They were then sent home with instructions to perform all of the exercises every day for eight weeks. After this initial time period, they came back to the laboratory to have their faces photographed. For the next twelve weeks, they were instructed to perform the exercises every other day and then come back in for more photographs.

The results of this study will be quite interesting to women who use Genucel anti-aging products and want to look younger and feel better about their appearance. Two dermatologists were recruited to professionally evaluate the before and after photographs. They had three sets of photographs to evaluate for each women:

1. Photographs taken before any facial exercises were performed
2. Photographs taken after the participants had performed the facial exercises every day for eight weeks.
3. Photographs taken after the participants had performed the facial exercises every other day for an additional twelve weeks.

The dermatologists evaluated several facial features including:

– forehead lines
– glabellar lines (indentation lines between the eyebrows)
– crow’s feet
– the female brow (women that have a pronounced brow can look masculine)
– infraorbital hollow (also known as the nasojugal groove, includes the tear trough)
– cheek fullness
– nasolabial folds (indentation lines that run from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth)
– marionette lines (indentation lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin)
– upper lip fullness
– lower lip fullness
– lip wrinkles
– oral commissures (corners of the mouth)
– jawline
– neck

As the dermatologists evaluated all of these facial features, the very features that women who use Genucel anti-aging products worry most about, the feature that improved the most was the fullness of the upper and lower cheeks (upper and mid face). The average age estimate based on the before and after photographs also improved significantly, going from looking 50.8 years old on average to looking 48.1 years old on average, a a difference of 2.7 years. This means that the sixteen women who completed the twenty weeks of facial exercises appeared almost three years younger than when they started… not bad!

While these types of evaluations would be subjective for the average person, both of the doctors who did the evaluations were practicing dermatologists with a great deal of experience. They also used a standardized protocol that has been developed to evaluate facial aging called the Merz-Carruthers Facial Aging Photoscales (MCFAP). Therefore, their evaluations were a scientific evaluation based on detailed parameters rather than an expression of their personal opinion. Further, they did not know any of the participants personally, which can skew how a person views another person’s aesthetics.

If the participating women had used Genucel anti-aging products simultaneously, it’s reasonable to assume there could have been a cumulative effect of the Genucel anti-aging products and the facial exercise since the two anti-aging techniques work completely differently. If a cumulative effect would occur, the women’s visual age could have been even younger. Dr. Alam seems to recognize such a possibility as he tweeted on his Twitter account, “…individuals now have a low-cost, non-toxic way for looking younger or to augment other cosmetic or anti-aging treatments they may be seeking.”

What may count even more to the women who participated in the study are the differences THEY detected in their appearance after twenty weeks of facial exercises. The women were surveyed and they saw significantly more improvement across more categories than did the dermatologists. It would be interesting if the researchers would survey ordinary random people for their opinions of before and after photographs in future research. As the say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the two dermatologists may view faces very differently (scientifically) than the average person in terms of overall attractiveness and youthfulness. Dr. Alam hopes to do more similar research, using more people and making other modifications to the experimental design so stay tuned.

Here are some additional tips if you decide to combine facial exercises with Genucel’s popular anti-aging products:

– Doing your facial exercises in front of the mirror, especially if you are new to facial yoga, will help you to more carefully isolate the facial muscles you are working on. This is important to a successful outcome. It will also make the experience more fun. As you see yourself making “silly faces” in the mirror, you’ll catch yourself smiling and laughing out loud, both of which are excellent facial exercises by the way. If you’ve ever visited the primate house of a zoo, you’ll be reminded of the hilarious faces the apes and monkeys sometimes make, to the thrill of their human observers of course!

– For maximum anti-aging effectiveness,  do not skip your daily Genucel regimen when you start doing facial exercises. The scientific mechanisms behind Genucel products like Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy and Genucel Jawline Treatment work in a different way than facial yoga. These two approaches to improving your appearance complement each other well but neither replaces the other. In other words, if you use Genucel anti-aging products, while at the same time doing facial exercises, your results will likely be amplified. Other people will likely notice more dramatic changes in your face than if you do either one alone.

– Be sure to focus on deep breathing during your facial exercises. This will immediately help reduce the tension and stress in your facial muscles, causing them to be more responsive to the facial muscle “gymnastic routine” you’re putting them through. It’s also a good idea to make deep breathing a habit just before and during the application of your Genucel products to improve performance.

– Good nutrition and maintaining good hydration is also critical to having a more youthful face and turning back the hands of time. Drinking plenty of water will help you maintain more fullness in your cheeks and lips. Eating a wide variety of colorful fresh vegetables will give you a big boost of antioxidants which can help repair your skin from the inside out while Genucel products perform their magic from the outside in. Eating more fish and or taking fish oil supplements will help too. You can also make a habit of brewing yourself a nice hot cup of green tea (or drink it cold in the hot months) to help keep you hydrated. Plus, green tea will give you more antioxidants and a little caffeine, both good for skin, without the theobromide found in coffee, which can be harmful to your skin. Note: drinking coffee in moderation can actually be good for your skin but too much caffeine, and especially theobromide, can have a negative effect.

– When first learning how to do facial exercises, it is much easier to master them if you watch videos of them being done correctly and with a running explanation. The face has dozens of muscles and if you don’t get the right positions, you may not be able to give all of them a good workout. Video really helps in doing the exercises properly. Gary Sikorski now offers a streaming video service on his Happy Face Yoga website ( and his DVRs are available there and also on Amazon.

– Dr. Alam and his research team designed their facial exercise experiment to involve facial exercises every day for thirty minutes, in the beginning, and then switching to thirty minutes every other day. However, many people who practice facial exercises on a regular basis claim if they do them too much it makes their face muscles and skin really sore. They also claim it actually add wrinkles to their face. This may, in fact, be why so many women dropped out of the Dr. Alum’s research study before the end of the twenty week period. So, you may want to start slow, with five to ten minutes of facial exercises a day, or every other day, and then increase the time spent gradually until you find your sweet spot. However, you should still apply your Genucel products every day because this does not have a negative effect.

– Even if your problem areas are concentrated on your face, don’t skip the scalp exercises and neck exercises offered by Happy Face Yoga and other facial exercise programs. The muscles in these three areas are interlinked and toning the muscles in one of the three areas helps the muscles in the other two areas perform better. For neck issues, you may also want to try a newer Genucel product called Genucel Jawline Treatment. This Genucel product incorporates “MDL technology” using the unique properties of highly stable meadowfoam seed oil, combined with natural peptides, to revitalize the chin and neck region, reducing some of the most visible signs of aging including turkey neck, jawline sag, and double chin.

– Facial massage is another excellent way to amplify the anti-aging effects of Genucel products and can easily be added to your facial exercise routine. Facial massage helps to relax your muscles by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, which in turn reduces wrinkles. It also helps to get your lymph fluids flowing better, thus reducing eye bags, facial puffiness, and droopy jowls, as well as washing out accumulated toxins lurking just below the surface. As added bonuses, facial massage can relieve sinus issues, ameliorate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and eliminate tension headaches. Regular facial massage can even reduce the frequency of migraine headaches.

– Be prepared for a big difference you may not have expected. Once you start combining Genucel anti-aging products with facial exercise and massage, you will notice that it’s much easier to smile as your facial muscles and their support structures start to grow and repair. Some people who practice these techniques on a regular basis even get asked why they’re smiling so much. This can improve your close relationships, your social life, and job performance because other people will react to you more favorably overall.

Here’s the bottom line. Genucel with Chamonix treatments can work wonders without you having to do anything extra. In fact, many people are amazed at the effects they see, even over the short term, after applying Geneucel products. However, if you do regular facial/neck/scalp exercises and facial massage while applying Genucel anti-aging products at the same time, the combined effect may be even more pronounced. Your natural beauty will come shining through and you’ll take years off your appearance. Your mental and physical health will improve as well.

There are no excuses not to at least try both. Genucel products are easy to get and there are even smart phone apps that teach you how to do facial exercises correctly. One popular one is an iPhone app called Face Pilates.

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