Health Officials Claim COVID-19 Testing Must Increase To Safely Reopen The Country

More than 22 million people applied for unemployment, and that number will continue to increase while the business lights are out across the country. Economists predict 20 to 30% unemployment when all the virus smoke clears.

Mr. Trump wants some people to go back to work before May 1st. He put a three-phase plan in place so states could have a health measuring stick before they reopen their economies. According to the New York Times, reaching those goals will take time, but the president knows time is his political enemy this year.

Researchers around the world continue to test drugs and develop vaccines for COVID-19. The Bill Gates Foundation plans to finance seven vaccine factories, even though only two of those factories will be the Gates Foundation’s main focus.

According to Mr. Gates, therapeutic treatments for the virus could begin in four to six months. But it will take 18 months to develop an effective, as well as safe COVID-19 vaccine, according to Mr. Gates. Gates said spending billions to develop a vaccine is a small price to pay to get the country’s economy moving in the right direction again.

Only 1% of the U.S. population went through the COVID-19 testing procedure. The government continues to run into roadblocks when it comes to producing enough tests. Most health experts say there are not enough tests available to open the U.S. economy. The main issue, besides faulty tests, and not enough tests. The experts’ say 50% of the people who have the virus don’t show any symptoms but can pass it on.

Without proper testing, keeping the COVID-19 curve flattened will be a struggle, according to the New York Times. That’s one reason Dr. Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert in the world, said the coronavirus could become a seasonal disease. Fauci claims the virus may rear its cell-damaging head in fall unless there is a national test system set up to ensure its safe for people to return to work.

The Trump administration claims it has an aggressive testing strategy in place in order to reopen the country, but health experts around the country know it will take time. The administration also wants to increase testing for coronavirus antibodies as well as diagnostic testing.

But medical experts doubt the government has enough staff or enough data to produce meaningful results. According to NBC News, the Trump administration has a history of over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to providing COVID-19 tests, as well as other pertinent virus information.

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