The Heart Skipping A Beat Is Not Uncommon

Heartbeats are rarely noticeable. The heart pumps blood to the body automatically, and each pump is a heart beat. The beats are commonly not felt. Sometimes the heartbeat can be felt in the chest, neck, or even the throat. When this occurrence happens, a person becomes frightened, not knowing what is going on. The strong heartbeat that is felt is called a heart palpitation. It can feel like a fluttering, the heart pounding, or irregular beating. This sensation can last for just a matter of seconds, or for minutes. Normally, they are nothing for a person to worry about. Experiencing them for the first time may cause the person to panic.

The heart pumps blood throughout the body, giving it the oxygen and other components that it needs. The heart is composed of four chambers that are attached to one way valves. When the heart pumps the blood, it is collected in the upper chambers, and the action causes the blood the be pushed down into the lower chambers. The blood goes into the lungs, is mixed with oxygen, then circulated throughout the body. Each pump of the heart takes about a second, and people are unaware of the process that is taking place because it happens quietly and quickly.

The heart feeling as though it is skipping a beat can be caused by many factors. Sometimes a lifestyle change can be the cause. Strenuous exercise, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, or sleep deprivation will trigger heart palpitations. Eating foods that are too spicy, using illicit drugs, and tobacco products can also cause heart palpitations. This fluttering affect can also be caused by stress and anxiety, often referred to as a panic attack. This could also cause numbness, dizziness, nausea, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Click this link.

Heart palpitations can also occur as a result of certain medications. People who take medications for asthma, high blood pressure, and anti depressant drugs could experience the sensation of heart fluttering. Anti-fungal medications, and some antibiotics will also cause this effect. People who have heart palpitations, and are taking medications should always read the label for side effects, and check with their doctor. Other causes of heart palpitations could be hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menstrual periods, and menopause. People who have a heart condition, and experience heart palpitations should could check with their doctor to make sure there are no serious complications.


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