Where Does Hydration Fit into Your Fitness Routine? Waiakea Water Weighs in

Hydration is essential to life. For those who lead active lifestyles, hydration is critical for performance.

Today’s market has seen an explosion of new drink options that make health-related claims about how they will benefit your fitness. What most people don’t realize is that your body still craves the most basic of human needs: water.

All the sugary, sweet, colorful sports drinks on the shelves can’t compare to the benefits of water. Still, not all water is equal. As we’ll explore with Waiakea Water, there are certain attributes you want to seek out in your water selection to optimize your health and ensure you can give your best performance on the field, track, mountainside, or wherever you push yourself to your limits.

Drink to Your Health

Waiakea Water Encourages You to Drink to Your Health

The vast majority of specialized sports drinks are loaded with stuff that your body does not need or want. It is all meant to entice your taste buds, not quench your thirst. The human body needs around 3-4 liters of water per day to stay healthy. Substituting this with a bunch of artificial beverages is not going to have positive results and may even sabotage your fitness goals.

Despite what all the clever marketing campaigns may claim, the right water has everything your body needs for proper hydration. Most beverages geared specifically for fitness contain less hydration and more sweet fillers that add nothing but taste and calories.

Doctors, beauticians, fitness experts, and nutritionists all agree that drinking plenty of water is one of the most important steps you can take towards improving your overall health and appearance.

When it comes to choosing the right hydrating drink, choose water. When it comes to choosing the right water, there are some important things to look for.

Which Water?

Waiakea Reminds You to Ask Yourself, "Which Water?"

Just as there is a myriad of options for sports drinks, there are also many choices when it comes to purchasing water. Unlike sports drinks, your options for water do look all the same. We assure you they are most certainly not.

First, for effective hydration your body needs something called electrolytes. These are quite simply minerals that are essential to all living organisms. Electrolytes are responsible for directing H2O molecules where they are needed within the body and maintaining the correct balance of fluid within each individual cell. Electrolytes include chloride, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and even sodium. While everyone needs these minerals on a daily basis, they are even more critical for anyone engaged in physical activity as these electrolytes are quickly depleted during exercise through sweat. That’s why you see most big name “sports drinks” mentioning the term electrolytes, while completely ignoring the dyes and artificial sweeteners that also fill up their bottles.

Next, most of us are familiar with the importance of pH levels for things like swimming pools. What many don’t know is that pH is a critical component of healthy drinking water. The healthiest, most hydrating water has a high pH level of at least eight. This is called alkaline water, and it is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Alkaline water is actually more hydrating than other water, up to around six times more hydrating, in fact. The basic science behind this phenomenon is that alkaline water contains smaller water molecules which have a much easier time permeating the body’s cells. So, in effect, the water is better equipped to do its job of delivering life-sustaining hydration – and oxygen – to the each of the body’s cells.

Alkaline water even contains a higher level of free-radical annihilating antioxidants. When we think about antioxidants, we usually think of fruits and vegetables. The fact is that even your water can contain these immensely important cancer-fighting components. What’s more, the higher pH means that the water is significantly more sterile and sanitized than non-alkaline water. It is not only more beneficial and hydrating, but it is even safer to drink, as harmful microorganisms like bacteria that can make you sick find it harder to survive in these high pH environments.

Lastly, alkaline water with a high electrolyte content is simply tastier than other water. You can sense the difference on your tongue and in your body – and who doesn’t want to enjoy their hydration?

Raising the Bar with Waiakea

Raising the Bar with Waiakea

The lesson to be learned from all of this is that, regardless of appearances, not all water is the created equal.

If you can sift through all the hype and marketing ploys provided by the world’s most popular beverage companies, you’ll find that some of the more common water options are terribly lacking in quality.

Brands like Waiakea are setting a higher standard in premium water that pays homage to natural water sources which produce some of the Earth’s healthiest water. Waiakea contains high mineral content water originating from the Kea’au aquifer at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano. This water is filtered through porous igneous rock, which lends an array of those wonderful electrolytes our bodies need. Mauna Loa sits in the pristine wilderness of Hawaii, far removed from the contamination of industrial pollution.

It is hard to find such pristine, naturally-sourced and filtered, alkaline mineral water on most shelves. For major companies that have jumped on the bandwagon of the bottled water market, it is drastically cheaper and easier to provide what is, in most cases, attractively-packaged tap water with few health benefits.

The Takeaway

The Takeaway from Waiakea Water

No matter your activity level, your body needs and craves water. Unfortunately, premium quality water has nearly become a luxury commodity among the droves of popular water brands. Choose your water with care. Consider newer options such as the lesser known, widely-awarded Waiakea, as these young brands are adhering to the most natural, highest quality standards in genuinely healthy water.

When you switch to naturally alkaline mineral water, you will feel and see the difference as it has a direct impact on your health both inside and out.

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