Measles Outbreak Strikes 4 States

Six people have been discovered to have the highly contagious Measles Virus in the Bay area of California. It is believed that all six people have contracted the virus from one individual person. However, the concern as always with a deadly virus like this is getting to the person who started the infection and tracing back their whereabouts when they contracted the virus.

It is believed the person who has spread the virus contracted it on a recent trip to Europe. This could be a bit of good news since the source appears out of the country. However, there is still cause for great concern since the patient had been in large public areas before being isolated including a mall and a college campus for several days.

Health officials in both Nevada and California are on heightened alert because the patient who originally contracted the virus had been vaccinated for it. This of course causes concern about a potentially more virulent strain.

Measles is a virus that causes great concern when it arises because it is highly contagious and is an airborne pathogen. That means that people can readily become infected if they are exposed to someone with the virus simply by being in close proximity and breathing the same air.

The deadly virus has also been found in 15 patients in recent weeks in Kansas and has authorities there on high alert. Health officials in that state are alerting the public to pay attention to potential symptoms. They have released a list of places where those that have been infected might have spent time. The primary places in that outbreak were doctors’ offices, gas stations, a YMCA and a restaurant. Oklahoma is also investigating a small outbreak there. Health officials have just begun the investigation and there is limited news as to its origins.

Measles often starts like the flu with a high fever. However, it advances with a rash. Once the rash starts to spread it is a more defined virus. Most rashes start on the forehead and work their way down the body. Most patients who suffer from the Measles virus also get a runny nose and cough. These two other symptoms can make it even more contagious if the person carrying the virus is coughing in an area with larger groups of people. When the Measles Virus is left untreated it can be fatal. Once the virus sets in it can lead to both pneumonia and swelling of the brain.

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