New Blood Test could Diagnose Autism in Children

A group of doctors at the University of Warwick claims to have discovered a link between autism and damage to proteins in the blood plasma. The same group then developed both a blood and urine test to detect whether or not a child is on the autism spectrum.

Earlier diagnoses isn’t just a win for the science and medical industries. Although autism is not necessarily a dangerous disorder, earlier diagnoses lead to earlier treatment and earlier education for the parents(who will have to adjust their lives as much as their children will.)

The autism spectrum also known as the autism spectrum disorder(ASD) is a wide variety of disorders classified as neurodevelopmental disorders. People with the disorder have trouble socializing with other people and may have extremely repetitive behavior. The exact cause of the disorder is unknown in the medical field, but potential risk factors include genetics, prenatal and perinatal care and environmental factors. Previously it was impossible to diagnose before the age of one year old.

The team at the University of Warwick discovered that individuals who were on the autism spectrum exhibited higher levels of the oxidation marker dityrosine and AGEs.

The research and conclusion of the study has already been published in the “Molecular Autism” journal, but the team says that they will be re-conducting the exact same experiments with a completely different group of children in an attempt to confirm their studies. Another goal of this second study is to find out just exactly how old an infant must be before they will be able to conduct the test to determine if the child is on the autism spectrum.

This is the first discovery of its kind relating to autism and this skilled team of scientists and doctors should be praised for their astounding discovery. The research they have done has taken us further towards the goal of understanding and perhaps preventing children from being born with autism.

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