A New Study Showcases the Importance of Eggs

Nutrition is one of the single most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. It’s taken people a while to figure this out. It’s an unfortunate, but understandable situation. The popular news jumped to conclusions a bit too quickly when talking about the subject. And the general public tended to go even further with it.

But today, the discussion has moved to a higher level. A recent story serves as a prime example of this change. It discusses some recent news about the health effects of egg consumption. But one of the things which makes it so important is how it treats the news. The discussion around the study is just as important as the findings.

The article begins by highlighting some important facts about egg yolks. It points out that it contains high levels of several vitamins. These include A, D, E and K. It also takes a moment to highlight some extra nutritional factors such as omega 3 fatty acids, lutein and zeaxanthin.

But one of prime pieces of information is saved until the end of that list. It brings up the fact that egg yolks are only 50 calories. This information forms an important base upon which the reader can build greater understanding. It hits the basic points of nutritional data that people are usually familiar with today. Then it moves into a greater discussion of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study involved a group of over 100 participants. They consisted of people with either prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Another group was used as a control. They were similar in most ways aside from non-participation in a later counseling session.

The counseling session involved teaching them some basic weight loss concepts. One of the larger themes involved eating two eggs for breakfast. This was done for all but one day out of the week. The egg heavy diet was continued for a span of three months.

The public ideas about cholesterol would suggest some ill results in the egg heavy group. Especially given the fact that they have additional medical complications. However, the egg heavy group saw no new risk factors for cardiovascular health. Both LDL cholesterol and inflammatory markers remained at the level.

The findings from the study can then be considered in the previous nutritional context. By itself, an egg provides a wide spectrum of healthy nutritional factors. It’s only the possibility of risks for cholesterol which have kept many people away from it. And in particular away from the egg yolk. But this study shows that even people with compromised health show no negative cardiovascular risk factors in relation to extremely high levels of egg consumption over an extended period.

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