Obese women are no longer safe

Obesity is regarded to be the most common medical condition, especially among US women. It entails accumulation of body fat around the stomach and feet areas. Obesity poses a health hazard as it dysfunctions the normal operations of body systems. Tragic obesity can lead to heart attacks as well as breathing problems. A person is declared obese after they exceed the average weight, which is 25kg/m, squared. Excessive food intake with no exercise is the cause of obesity. However, recent studies prove that genetics might lead to the situation of becoming obese. Changes in obesity may be through vigorous fat burning exercises and alternating diet. Medications may also be used to reduce food intake. Also, surgery may be an option to reduce the volume and length of intestines.
Obesity has been the leading cause of deaths among US citizens. Diseases like diabetes and hypertension pose threat to obese women. In the US, one-third of the women do not suffer from such metabolic disorders. In a study conducted by Schulze, in collaboration with the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke, he collected data. Data that consisted of more than 90,000 U.S. women did not suffer from heart disease as objectified by past researchers.

Schulze team took into consideration to the age, diet, smoking, exercise, and family history of heart attack or diabetes. The results stipulated that, on the average 24 years, 6,300 obese women who suffered cardiovascular problems. The cardiovascular problem has increased to women with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes irrespective of their weight. Also, women with metabolic illnesses were at two and a half risk of developing cardiovascular ailments. Obese women who were metabolically healthy women still posed a 57% chance of developing heart problems. The study urged obese women to exercise to avoid obese-related-issues. The good news is that obesity is manageable through a strict diet and physical exercise.

It is not an easy task as obesity is a lifestyle disease and alternating another lifestyle may be difficult. Determination and consistency are essential in upholding body shape. By diet, consumption of foods high in carbohydrate and high fat should be substituted with foods with lower quantities. Vigorous aerobic exercises burn fat cells thus are appropriate in maintaining the recommended body shape. Such workouts increase the heart rate, therefore, increasing body metabolism. In conclusion, obesity is no longer a haven for U.S. women.

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