Researchers Warn Protein From Meat Dangerous For Heart Health

A recently released study found that regular consumption of meat has been shown to increase an individual’s chances of heart disease by 60%. Conversely, the protein that is consumed from plant sources has proven to be beneficial to the heart.

Researchers involved with the study, which was done to investigate the effect different protein sources have on the heart, determined that a diet heavy in meat caused a direct increase in baseline risks of heart disease. The study also showed that protein resulting from eating nuts and seed facilitated a 40% decrease in cardiovascular illness.

The scientist taking part in the study analyzed the data that was produced from a previous Adventist Health Study that asked 81,000 participants to complete questionnaires regarding there eating habits over a five year period from 2002 to 2007. Proteins from sources like grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes did not increase an individuals risk of heart disease.

According to, the study showed that the largest correlation between diet and heart disease was in people who had not yet reached old age. This has led the authors of the study to conclude that it is of real importance to choose healthy sources of protein in order to avoid the complications of heart disease.

The study sheds more light on the perceptions that fats present in meats are the major culprit when it comes to developing heart disease. The authors of the study want to stress the point that “bad” fats do negatively affect cardiovascular health but it is now known that the proteins from these meat sources are also involved in the process.

The researchers suggest that more work is done to determine how certain proteins affect the health of the heart and perhaps a discovery can be made as to the specific amino acids that bring about adverse effects in the heart.

Dr. Jo Ann Carson, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association says that the organization constantly reviews new and emerging data regarding the effect of nutrition on the heart. Carson explains that recommendations for public health are adjusted after carefully reviewing evidence.

The study is not the first to identify the correlation between eating meat and bad health. The World Health Organization gave notice in 2015 that processed meat such as bacon, sausage, and Ham are cancer-causing agents. The organization reported that small amounts of processed meat, for example, two slices of bacon, eaten regularly can increase an individual’s risk of colon cancer by 18%.


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