World Health Organization Says That One Million People Are Diagnosed With A STD Every Day

The World Health Organization has stated that there are over one million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases every day. The four main STDs are syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and chlamydia. Dr. Melanie Taylor is the lead author of the report. She is also a medical epidemiologist who works at the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Researcher. She stated that the numbers indicate that people are taking significant risks with their sexual and reproductive health.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted orally, vaginally and anally. They can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth. Sexually transmitted diseases can have serious consequences if they are left untreated. Men and women who have sexually transmitted diseases can become infertile. Women who have a sexually transmitted disease while they are pregnant are more likely to give birth to a stillborn baby.

Dr. Tim Jinks is the head of the Drug Resistant Infection Program in the United Kingdom. He stated that there have been concerns raised about super-gonorrhea. He stated that drug-resistant forms of gonorrhea will likely become more common.

Melanie stated that shame and stigma are the reasons that many people who have sexually transmitted diseases are never diagnosed and properly treated. She also stated that this is a dangerous epidemic. Additionally, Melanie stated that fighting the STD epidemic will require better education and research.

Matthew Chico is an assistant professor of public health who works at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He stated that there is a need for urgent action. He also said that educating people about proper condom use will help prevent the spread of STDs. Tim said that more money needs to be more invested in antibiotics. He also said that treatments that no longer work should be replaced with new treatments.

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