How the Medical Sector has Adapted to an Online Platform

The medical sector, just like any other industry today runs online. Medical Shipment LLC is one of the top medical equipment suppliers that is leading the way for most of the industry player in this online revolution. According to statistics, Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform in the world has been witnessing year over year growth in sales of its healthcare supplies. In 2016, this e-commerce giant recorded a record-breaking sale of $1.58 billion on healthcare supplies, and in 2017 it recorded $2.10 billion. This is roughly a 33% plus growth in a year. It is this success that’s fueling the desire of other players in the medical sector to go the online way.

Standing a better chance

To stay competitive in this digital age medical suppliers have had to expand their online presence and create best practices to accommodate online orders. “My company provides customers with the supplies that they need which is not dissimilar to companies like Amazon,” CEO and founder of Medical Shipment, Dan Micic, said. “I knew the best way to fulfill orders was by creating a user-friendly online platform with the familiar feel of Amazon. We built a catalog and created an informative platform that customers trust and can easily use. So far it has been a huge success.”

As other medical sector players like Medical Shipment continue to expand their online presence, most of the people believe that they stand a better chance of standing out in the healthcare market. This is because healthcare is a professional service and most consumer prefer seeking professional services from trusted vendors in the specific sector with ample customer service. This is an opportunity the players in the healthcare sector to start operating in the digital fashion e-commerce customers are used to.

“I’ve always told my sales team to keep operations ‘simple, easy, and clean,’ which we have absolutely brought that mentality to our online ordering platform,” Micic said. “It is important that customers feel comfortable ordering from the website and are assured by their trusted the vendor that everything is smooth.”

Taking root

It’s indisputable that in this online platform race, most of the players are a little late to the party but not so late. Giant e-commerce platforms are way ahead regarding market share. Despite this, slowly and steadily, Medical Shipment LLC and other players have started taking root online. With more players in the healthcare sector opening up online platforms, it is expected that their growth will quickly increase.

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