2019 Health Media Review

2019’s most exciting health media trend in 2019 and why.

Greg Reilly, Outcome Health
HealthFront of Publicist Health Media turned out to be the most exciting new events to hit the medical industry this year, says Reilly. It was well shaped and delivered on a valued, unmet need in the health media business. HealthFront created a steadfast forum for ideas and products that can drive real revolution and industry change in health.

Eileen O’Brien. W20
Nearly 20 doctors are using the TikTok platform to share health info. The health education platform value, says O’Brien, was emphasized in September by Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, through a video displaying the risks of vaping. The video amassed millions of views, leading to conventional media attention from ABC News, among others. Their voluminous TikTok followers inspire many physicians’ efforts. CMI/Compas’ Jose Ferreira was in support of video.

Tabytha Gil, Ogilvy Health
From UX design to chatbots, Gil says, the bar for creating authentic customer experience has increased. Authenticity was infused into each brand feature, creating a unique and reliable customer experience.

Mark Pappas, CMI/Compas
Citing the development of audio tech and its involvement in our daily lives, Pappas said that brands need to capitalize on it while considering their brand’s voice. Justin Chase of Intouch Solutions, innovation and media division, also supported voice search. He said that nearly 30%-55% of Americans use audio tech to search for traffic.

Ingrid Eberly, Healthline Media
Eberly cited the consumer, organizational and partnership perspectives attention on the cognizance, education and funding around mental health. Also, patient advocates and influencers are driving health actions, gaining attention from brands. Healthline Media partnered with Nitika Chopra, wellness advocates, to form Chronicon. Chronicon is a platform for individuals fighting with chronic health problems.

2019’s person or HM organization
Karen Newmark
In 2019, she made a significant impact on healthcare media in efforts to shape the POC sector. Karen rallied agency and pharma leadership by addressing transparency and accountability issues affecting POC, said, John Kenyon.

State Legislature
By considering and passing various data and price transparency laws, says Jose Ferreira, it has forced the industry to observe transparency policies adhering to state-level regulations.

Ed Banfe
Banfe was responsible for helping the outline and fortifying the ratification of Selma Blair as a multiple sclerosis promoter. Blair has made a significant impact globally, says Rodnell Workman.

The consumer
Consumers have pushed for improved privacy rules and fully refurbishing regulations. Yet, they want tailored experiences and smart tech in their homes. This forces issuers and agencies to rethink data collection and to leverage, says Pappas.

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