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High Blood Pressure Patients And Their Doctors Discussion Brought On By Drug Tests

According to research, patients who have been given blood pressure medications are not taking them as prescribed by their doctors. It has been found those patients are skipping their medications, but are not informing their doctors that this is what they are doing.

It has been announced that Aegis Sciences has developed a machine that doctors can use to check if a patient has taken their blood pressure medication. This test is done by conducting an urinalysis.

The problem with high blood pressure is there has been almost no symptoms of the disease. In order to prevent a person from having a heart attack or a stroke, medication can be prescribed. Taking blood pressure medicine can make the patient feel sick.

According to Sharon Fulson, it is not that a patient may not want to take their blood pressure medication, it is that they need to get accustomed to taking it. Sharon Fulson works at Customer Service in Nashville, Tennessee, and has high blood pressure. She is trying to manage her blood pressure by monitoring it. According to Sharon Fulson, the high blood pressure medication she is taking gives her a feeling of being nervous and wobbly. It has been reported by other people taking high blood pressure medication that they experience diarrhea, becoming dizzy and nauseated. Men reportedly state they have a problem with arousal.

There is the possibility that these people, who are taking their blood pressure medication may not be following the directions, but maybe taking it incorrectly according to Sharon Fulson.

According to research, more than half of people on high blood pressure medication are not taking their medicine as prescribed. It has shown that high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, which is one of the major factors that lead to death in the United States. According to the research, having high blood pressure can be a precursor to having a massive heart attack. Because a person having high blood pressure can lead to a massive heart attack. High blood pressure is dubbed the “silent killer.”

There is a new test that can measure whether a patient is taking their high blood pressure medication or not, called KardiAssure. This test analyzes the urine of a patient using computers that look for 80 types of cholesterol medication, and blood pressure. The result of the urinalysis test is available in three minutes after being tested.

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