Health Officials Warn That Vaping Has Secondhand Effects

People have been told that vaping does not produce harmful secondhand smoke because it only produces water vapor. In fact, this is one of the reasons many people choose to vape. John Koutras has seen the effects of secondhand smoke firsthand. He knows people who have COPD as the result of secondhand smoke. However, he does not know if vaping produces harmful secondhand smoke.

Rhonda Williams is a chronic disease prevention specialist. She stated that the belief that secondhand smoke is not harmful is a common misconception. She said that lead and other chemicals have been found in vaping products.

More studies will need to be done to examine the harmful effects of vaping. However, Vermont is one of seven states that has baned vaping in the same places that cigarettes are banned. It is also illegal for you to smoke in a car with a child even if you have the windows down. Studies have shown that the chemicals from a cigarette quickly build up in the car even if the windows are down.

Lynn Ellen Schimoider is a mother who agrees with the ban on vaping. She stated that people who vape need to think about the effects that secondhand smoke has on other people. She also said that there are much better things that people can be addicted to such as crossfit training, yoga and dancing.

Lynn said that she has seen steam coming from the building when people were vaping. She always wondered if she has been harmed by the vapors. Health officials have stated that if you are going to vape, then you should try to avoid doing it in front of kids. They recommend that you go outside if there are children around. If you cannot go outside and there are children present, then you will need to go in a different room.


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