A Look Into The Causes Of Migraines And Some New Treatments

Migraine sufferers have good news. A new type of drugs was recently approved by the FDA. The new medicine is called Aimovig, and it can significantly reduce the number of migraines people suffer. However, Aimovig is not expected to prevent the occurrence of migraines. The new drug has been heralded as major progress for the treatment of migraines by experts.

Did you know that migraines are one of the leading cause of neurological disability in the world for people under 50? This is a sobering fact. Migraines cause greater disability than epilepsy, strokes and severe back pain. Despite these facts, many migraine sufferers remain undiagnosed. Many people rarely discuss their pain with their doctors.

So what is a migraine? Many people think that it is just a severe headache. A migraine is officially diagnosed when a person has five or more severe headaches in a span of 72 hours or less. There must also be at least two of the following symptoms present as well. They are nausea, noise aversion or sensitivity and throbbing pain. Additional symptoms include pain on only one side of the head and feeling worse when you do something.

Many people think that auras are a sign that a migraine is about to occur. Studies have shown that auras occur before a migraine only 20% of the time. An aura is a temporary distortion of vision. Prickling pain, speech disturbance, and sound distortion can occur during an aura. Research has shown that auras are actually linked to different parts of the brain. The actual link between auras and migraines and headaches remains a mystery.

Migraines are more common in women than in men. A person usually experiences migraines during puberty or early on in adulthood. It is believed that the female sex hormone, estrogen, is thought to contribute to migraines in women. Migraine susceptibility is also thought to be genetic. Besides genetic factors, the environment can cause some people to experience migraines.

Besides the new drug, Aimovig, there are many new treatments now available for migraine sufferers. They include devices such as Cefaly, Spring TMS, and Gammacore. These devices release electric and magnetic pulses that can help provide migraine relief. They can be purchased or rented. Their price range is in the hundreds of dollars.

Other treatments for migraines include Botox. This is when the poison is injected right into a person’s head. Somehow, the Botox poison eliminates or alleviates pain.

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