Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce The Risk Of A Stroke

A recent study has shown that people who follow a Mediterranean diet can reduce their risk of having a stroke. This is a diet plan that encourages people to increase their intake of whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. It also encourages people to limit their intake of dairy, meat and sugar.

It can be challenging to follow this type of diet. However, people who are able to follow this diet will be able to benefit their health in a number of ways. A team of researchers from several universities in the United Kingdom has studied the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

The subjects in the study were between the ages of 40 and 77. They were followed for 17 years. They were asked to keep a food diary. The researchers examined how closely the subjects adhered to the Mediterranean diet. They found that people who followed the Mediterranean diet were able to lower their risk of stroke by 17 percent.

The researchers also found that women who followed the Mediterranean diet fared better than the men who followed it. Women reduced their risk of a stroke by 22 percent while men reduced their risk of a stroke by 6 percent. The researchers do not know why women fare better with this diet.

People who are already at risk for heart disease can also benefit by following a Mediterranean diet. They can reduce their risk of a stroke by 13 percent. Women can reduce their risk of a stroke by 20 percent.

The researchers stated that people should be encouraged to follow the Mediterranean diet regardless of their heart disease risk. Keep in mind that this is an observational study. While several studies have been done to prove the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, more research will need to be done in the future.

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