Patient Healthcare Reformations Through Light

A report yesterday published by Science Daily, explores the interest of healthcare professionals in the use of lights when treating patients. The expected outcomes of implementing the light technology will benefit patients and staff. Patients are expected to experience an improvement in their health outcomes. The medical staff will also enjoy safer and more sanitary work environments. Brian Liebel, the Director of Technical Standards at the Illumination Engineering Society, claims that it has been known for a long time that lighting can impact human health and wellness. The rapid rate at which healthcare reformations are taking place are attributed as the primary driving factor behind the interest in implementing beneficial light technology.

The most recent efforts seen in the medical field to advance the implementation of light technology in healthcare environments took place recently at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The research meeting took place in cooperation with the Center for Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications along with the Illumination Engineering Society. They held workshops related to the exploration of pathways to define as well as promote the adoption of lighting systems in healthcare environments. Those in attendance included experts in lighting and experts in human health.

The Director of The Center for Lighting Enabled Systems (LESA) has expressed that his organization places importance on the Return on Investment for Healthcare facilities during their research and development. LESA is ensuring that they develop quality healthcare lighting solutions rather than just sell the idea with no real beneficial aspects.

The development projects are currently being funded by the National Science Foundation. The primary focus in the field is on digital color changing illumination solutions implemented into healthcare settings. The next research and development symposium is scheduled for April 8 through April 9 and will be held in Atlanta,GA. The primary focus will be to further develop a comprehensive introduction to innovations in healthcare lighting.

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