Cardinal Innovations Continues To Expand On Managed Healthcare Plans In The United States

More than a decade ago, Cardinal Innovations developed a new managed care plan that has gone on to help people all over North Carolina with complex needs. Managed care opens up access to more services that people are typically living without, especially those that do not have insurance to cover their needs. Families from all communities around the state have a voice that Cardinal Innovations is keen to respond to. Since the organization was founded, Cardinal Innovations has improved managed healthcare plans so that they are much more manageable and cost-effective for taxpayers around the state.

Since Cardinal Innovations Healthcare was founded, they have increased the number of members they are serving throughout the state to over 800 thousand people. As part of their community housing program, Cardinal Innovations has managed to reduce costs by over 70 percent for crisis services, a project that first started in 2013. This program has the support of TCL and DHHS to ensure that people around the state with complex needs have sustainable and safe housing to support them.

Cardinal Innovations has become the largest provider of managed cares plans throughout the state, with an extreme focus on catering to the unique needs of each person they work with. A strong and positive connection is a core part of Cardinal Innovations philosophy because it helps individuals with mental health problems live happier and healthier lives.

Finding optimal coverage plans for members has always been the primary concern at Cardinal Innovations, though there could be changes coming in the managed healthcare systems as Medicaid could be changing up policies. Cardinal Innovations offers a wide range of different plans for its members and if possible, members have the choice of picking which plans they think are best for their own care.

Cardinal Innovations was founded as a non-profit organization decades ago in North Carolina, and it has steadily spread over the state from its base location in Charlotte to help people understand and properly managed a healthcare plan using insurances like Medicaid. As part of the healthcare model, Cardinal Innovations developed, healthcare plans go along with support partners that actively help throughout the local communities. This all comes from a designated provider network that Cardinal Innovations has built throughout the years by collaborating with other organizations in the state.

Cardinal Innovations is concerned about people throughout the state, regardless of whether or not they have sought out personal aid. As part of their community-based services, Cardinal Innovations has support teams capable of identifying people throughout the community that are in need of assistance as well as the level of care they need. Innovation and long-lasting change have brought Cardinal Innovations this far, and they have big plans for the future of managed care options in the healthcare system to better support the individuals who use it.

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