Elitra Health Takes New Approach To Preventative Care

Not everyone in America can afford to have the same quality healthcare that everyone else has. It can also greatly differ depending on the state you live in. Because of the high costs of preventative care, some are looking for non-traditional ways to manage their healthcare requirements.

It is common to find people using healthcare applications to diagnose their skin conditions or ordering home lab test kits to get tested for certain illnesses. Those with serious conditions even consider moving to new states or countries to try and feel supported by the healthcare system. To add to the list of alternative options, Elitra Healthcare is offering people a new approach to preventative care.

The facility is located in Manhattan and sounds more like a spa-type clinic than a healthcare office. Don’t let the name fool you, though. They offer patients a six-hour medical exam that is considered world-class compared to others. This is the most comprehensive annual exam you could get in the country.

Their approach is to completely transform how the future of preventative healthcare looks. Instead of patients having to set up multiple appointments will specialists over weeks or months, they can have their visits all completed in one visit.

Executive Health Exam

The full exam will go over every aspect of your health and well-being. During the five or six-hour visit, you will undergo countless tests and exams at Elitra Health. Some of the exam highlights include advanced bloodwork, full-body cancer and aneurysms scans, visual and audio screenings, digital mammograms and a cardio-pulmonary evaluation. Patients with specific concerns may add extra tests such as food sensitivity screenings and at-home sleep apnea testing.

How Does The Visit Work?

When you visit Elitra Health, you will be given a personal concierge. They will be your guide throughout the day. You will first have your blood work taken on-site because you will have fasted before your appointment. They will then give you a light breakfast before you head to get a full-body scan in the radiology suite.

Once many of your tests have been completed, you will be able to sit and speak with a doctor to go over the results of your exams and bloodwork. Before your visit is over, you will sit down with a nutritionist to go over a personalized diet and exercise plan that meets your specific needs. To end your long day of poking and prodding, you will receive a full-body massage.

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