The Virtua Medical Group’s Philosophy of Patient Care

Virtua Medical Group of New Jersey
Virtua Medical Group of New Jersey

The Virtua Medical Group is comprised of a network of medical and surgical physicians. The medical group observes rigorous standards of patient care and targets availing basic and advanced medical services to patients. The New Jersey-based nonprofit health system provides comprehensive medical care services targeting ensuring patient wellness across the society.

Virtua Medical Group comprises of over 500 physicians among other clinical personnel. The network also comprises of emergency medical care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, hospital facilities, wellness centers, home-based care centers, fitness centers, among other paramedic and rehabilitative facilities from where patients can be served. Since establishment, Virtua has become a leader in the delivery of healthcare services to patients suffering from different conditions.

The medical group has also partnered with other medical facilities across the country and focuses on providing pediatric, maternal, and cancer specialized services. Virtua, in this regard, facilitates the successful delivery of over 8,000 babies in a year.

Among the most commonly sought-after services at Virtua Medical Group include emergency care services for disease and conditions which demand both inpatient and outpatient medical attention. Minor disease conditions such as colds, flu, and viral infections are promptly attended to in all Virtua’s medical outlets across the country. The facilities also provide emergency healthcare-related services including x-ray, urinalysis, and laboratory tests among other diagnostic tests.

Virtua also specializes in the provision of nutritional services where specialized nutritionists provide diet and wellness coaching and other related services. The individualized nutrition care services focus on providing a complete nutrition assessment and solutions where possible. Nutritionists also help patients achieve wellness and meet other nutrition-based targets such as weight reduction. Dietitians also provide such patients with the necessary coaching to achieve the intended results.

The Virtua Medical Group specially focuses on providing advanced surgical care and has some of the well experienced and seasoned surgeons in virtually every surgical field. The medical group’s advanced surgical care focuses on reconstructive surgery, cancer surgery, colorectal surgery, gynecologic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and vascular surgery among other minor and major surgeries. The group is well equipped with the necessary machinery and resources to facilitate efficient accurate and precise surgical procedures.

The Virtua Medical Group employs surgical robotic technologies necessary to achieve the desired levels of accuracy and precision in surgical procedures. This helps ensure expedited patient recovery.

To increase penetration and effectiveness in patient service, the group has invested in various tech-solutions such as the Virtua’s e-Visit platform where patients get to consult via video conferencing software such as Skype. This service is, however, available to patients who are actively registered in the facility to ensure accuracy in service delivery.

The virtual visits give specialists an opportunity to receive nonsensitive medical attention on areas such as general consultation, maternal lactation consultations, nutrition and wellness consultations, and primary care appointments where the patient is not required to be physically present to be served in the facility. Over the years, therefore, the Virtua Medical Group has branded itself as a leader in patient service.

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