Over The Years The Bonati Spine Institute Has Developed An Impeccable Reputation Build On Trust

The Bonati Spine Institute is a firm that works in the area of wellness and the field of health. The specialty of the organization is spinal surgeries of an advanced nature. The Bonati Spine Institute has a history that goes back to its founding year of 1981. Since that time, the Hudson, Florida-based operation has built up a significant amount of trust with the patients that it works with. This is due to the expertise of the staff that make it all happen. Procedures performed at the Bonati Spine Institute have a strong reputation due to being performed without the need for general anesthesia and the fact that procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. Patients who come to the doctors at the Bonati Spine Institute are also able to avoid the need for spinal fusion and find that they are not left with unsightly scars. They also enjoy being able to return to work shortly after undergoing a procedure.

The tremendous track record of the Bonati Spine Institute has allowed the organization to be a renowned world leader in spinal surgery. To date, the organization has performed more than 55 thousand procedures of a successful nature. The Bonati Spine Institute team is proud of its success rate that sits at nearly 99 percent. The pioneering nature of the firm is due to the work of founder Dr. Alfred Bonati and his pioneering spinal surgery procedures. The firm currently has operations based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Healthy Aging Month is a celebration of embracing the things that can lead to a longer and more fulfilling life. This is an event that the Bonati Spine Institute is proud to celebrate. Healthy Aging Month is an initiative that stresses the positive aspects behind growing older and the team at the Bonati Spine Institute is proud to take part in it by promoting awareness. It is a well-understood fact that aging is something that affects everyone and so awareness of embracing a healthy move into later life is important for all. Spinal health is certainly a big part of this process and this makes the Bonati Spine Institute the ideal organization to promote Healthy Aging Month. It is just one more way that the company has helped to demonstrate the fact that it cares about the communities that it diligently serves across the Tampa Bay and Las Vegas areas.

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