David Einhorn And His Journey To The Top

Before settling for a career as an investor, David Einhorn had a long bucket list of careers he wanted to follow. For an individual such as him, settling on one was quite a difficult task. Not because he was unsure of what he was passionate in, but because he held so many passions near and dear to his heart.

As a child, David Einhorn was positively bursting to the limit with creative energy. He needed a place to vent it out to, but in order to do so, he decided that he needed a thorough plan. Einhorn did not just want to be your everyday worker whose name gets lost in the annals of time, forever sinking in the infinite ocean of life. He wanted to stand out, float to the surface.

As a boy, he was an extremely passionate and hard-working students; many of his teachers commended him on his efforts in the classroom, but they also saw far more in him. They knew that, with the proper environment, David Einhorn could genuinely be the next big-name business investor. However, this is not what he had his sights set on initially.

Having so much respect for the industry of education, and having so much desire to learn more and more with every passing day, it came as no surprise to anyone when David Einhorn received his acceptance letter to Cornell University, one of the most prestigious schools in the entire world. What was a bit of a surprise, however, was the major he chose: government. You see, at first, he wanted to be a CIA agent. With an education at Cornell, he was right on track to do so when he realized that his passions laid elsewhere. Although he was enamored by the idea of helping others through government work, he believed that he could have a greater positive impact on the world if he enter the field of investment.

This is where things really started to take off for David Einhorn. While someone who is unaware of his merits and successes throughout the course of his life might find this statement confusing (after all, he had already gotten into Cornell, a feat many of us can only dream of), those who knew Einhorn saw this coming. His outreach was so powerful, not to mention his sharpness of wit and charming demeanor. Any job that limited his creativity would only serve against him.

Choosing to enter the world of investments became easy for David Einhorn when he realized just how naturally gifted he was in the matter. When he started seeing success, however, he remained level-headed and focused. His rise to fame can be attributed to his raw intuition when it comes to investments, but he will be remembered for endless generosity.

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