New Study Finds No Benefit and Higher Death Rates in Treating COVID-19 Patients with Hydroxychloroquine

A new study of hydroxychloroquine has shown that it is not helpful in treating patients with COVID-19. The study, which will be published in the New England Journal of Medicine after being... Read more »

Smoking Weed Can Raise the Risk of Coronavirus Complications

Many people are turning to marijuana in order to ease the stress of the Coronavirus. However, experts are telling people to think twice before doing this. Studies have shown that smoking marijuana... Read more »

Health Officials Claim COVID-19 Testing Must Increase To Safely Reopen The Country

More than 22 million people applied for unemployment, and that number will continue to increase while the business lights are out across the country. Economists predict 20 to 30% unemployment when all... Read more »

The Chinese government has reported 0 cases for the first time as the US records more than 300,000 infections

Total lockdown had been implemented in Wuhan until one week ago when the first train arrived in the city. The city began to allow the entry of people from other parts of... Read more »

Marijuana And Booze Are Considered Essential Items In Some States

Toilet paper seemed to be the item people wanted to hoard when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. Costco shoppers got physical when the warehouse store ran short on their big... Read more »

Billions May Be Added To The National Health Care Bill Due To Coronavirus

According to a new analysis, insurance premiums across the board could see a rise of more than 40% in the coming year. The spike would be in part due to insurers and... Read more »

World Health Organization Spearheading Four Trials to Combat Coronavirus

As more and more people around the globe are becoming infected with the coronavirus, the World Health Organization, or WHO, is leading efforts to find an effective treatment for the disease. When... Read more »

4 Tiny Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Energy Levels

Do you feel overwhelmed? Sometimes, unexpected problems come up. Projects delay and people have to do more work for the same reward. If the matter is urgent, you may feel tempted to... Read more »

Healthcare Officials Warn Coronavirus Could Overwhelm Hospital System as Government Leaders Enact New Regulations to Stop Spread of Virus

A top doctor warns that the American healthcare system could become overwhelmed by patients with the coronavirus if the public does not heed warnings to self-isolate and avoid mass gatherings. Dr. James... Read more »

Reassuring Children In Troubled Times

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread throughout the United States and world, fear panic and anxiety has run rampant as one institution after another shuts down or provides ominous updates about their... Read more »