Washington State Measles Outbreak Hits 62 Cases

If you have been paying attention to health news in the first part of 2019, then you are probably aware of the recent uptick in measles cases across the Pacific Northwest portion... Read more »

Chamonix and Genucel Products Enhanced with Facial Exercises

It may still seem a bit out of the ordinary but facial exercises are beginning to hit the mainstream of the health conscious world. Classes and seminars, specifically devoted to facial exercise,... Read more »

Extreme Exercise Does Not Harm Heart Health

In the past, middle-aged men were told that they needed to avoid extreme exercise because they were putting their hearts at risk. However, a new study has contradicted that advice. The study... Read more »
Renew Youth

Renew Youth Explains: Why Balanced Hormones are Vital for Sex After Menopause

Renew Youth’s hormone treatments improve desire, lubrication, and orgasm after menopause. Sex after menopause. It doesn’t get talked about often. And yet, contrary to what some people may think, women do continue... Read more »

FDA Identifies And Warns Of Cancer Linked To Breast Implants

For years, the Food and Drug Administration has tracked reports of breast cancer. Based on the trends, the agency issued an official report in 2017 linking breast cancer and breast implants. In... Read more »
Waiakea Water Answers: How to Stay Hydrated 24/7

Waiakea Water Answers: How to Stay Hydrated 24/7

We have all heard how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated. We’ve probably read that the earth is 70 percent water; coincidentally or not, our bodies are 60-70 percent water,... Read more »

Step Counters Carve Their Own Way To Wellness

There’s a wellness craze going on and it has nothing to do with medical research. The 10,000 steps A day road to wellness started in 1965. A Japanese professor of health science... Read more »

Dr. Tim Ioannides Explains How Vitamin D Can Help Calm Skin Conditions

While skin conditions might seem to be superficial issues to some people, when you suffer from one, you realize they aren’t to be taken lightly. If there is a problem, it can... Read more »

Trump Ally Says President Willing To Work With Democrats To Lower Drug Prices For Americans

Mark Meadows, Republican Representative from North Carolina says he spoke with United States President Donald Trump on Monday night about working along with Democrats in the House to provide Americans with relief... Read more »

New Study Determines That Exercise Really Does Keep Depression Away

In the findings of a genetic study of more than a quarter-million people, a research team from Massachusetts General Hospital has determined that there is a casual correlation between physical activity and... Read more »