RAM Clinics Are Providing Medical And Dental Care To Remote Areas

The Valparaiso Kiwanis Club is considering bringing a remote area medical clinic to Northwest Indiana. This would be the fist clinic of this type to be located in Indiana. The care for... Read more »

Study Identifies Genetic Mutation That May Play A Role In Sudden Infant Deaths

A collaborative effort on the part of researchers in both the United States and the United Kingdom seems to suggest that a genetic mutation may be a factor in sudden infant death... Read more »

Exercise For Middle-Aged Women Shown To Provide Protection From Dementia In Later Years

A recent study indicates that women who stay physically fit during their middle-aged years are far less likely to develop dementia than those women who choose to forego exercise. In fact, a... Read more »

Dining out Could Hurt Your Health

Many people want to improve their health. Some people struggle with various health conditions. Other people want to lose a few pounds. A new study shows that dining out several times per... Read more »

Millions of Americans Opting for No Health Coverage

A surprising number of Americans are opting to live without health insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. They estimate that 10 percent of Americans under the age of 65 are choosing... Read more »

Healthy Skin Doesn’t Have to Cost Much

An individual doesn’t have to be a millionaire to have a stunning complexion. Keeping skin in great condition can often be a pretty budget-friendly task, believe it or not. Some people frown... Read more »
What is NAD+? Elysium Health Answers

What is NAD+?

Most of us try to take steps to ensure our own health and well-being every day, whether that’s eating healthy foods, working out, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, or taking... Read more »

Antibiotic Use Can Increase Risk Of Death For Older Women

For nearly 8 decades now doctors have used antibiotics as their go to prescription for patients to fight illness, infections and viruses and the drugs have proven to lower the death and... Read more »

#MeToo is now afoot in the medical world

#MeToo is a fairly new movement of individuals who have experienced sexually inappropriate incidents in the workplace. Most often in old boys club dominated industries such as movies and television. But now... Read more »

This Flu Season Has Been Costly On Many Levels

The current flu season has been a record breaker and unfortunately not on a positive note. Influenza outbreaks began early this flu season and have maintained a rapid growth of hospitalization rates... Read more »