WHO Classifies Gaming Disorder in its Diseases Manual in the Latest Updates

The World Health Organization said on Monday that it was expanding its manual of disorders to include what it termed as the ‘gaming disorder.’ According to CNN, the new classification puts individuals... Read more »

Report Identifies Hot Spots for Disease Outbreak Due to Low Vaccination Rates

A report published on Wednesday in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) Medicine journaldetails the alarming trend of increasing amounts of “hot spots” throughout the country that are in danger of experiencing... Read more »

Medical Residents And Students Are Not Receiving Proper Electronic Health Records Training

Medical students are not using electronic health records effectively because their system training is insufficient during their formal education. Delegates from the American Medical Association met for their yearly meeting and created... Read more »

Depression in Men Affects Pregnancy in Infertile Couples

Infertility and depression have a symbiotic relationship. Although you may not be surprised by the fact that infertility might contribute to depression, you are probably aware of the fact that depression causes... Read more »

Justice Department Moves to Strike Down Pre-Existing Conditions

Diabetes, pregnancy and arthritis are all considered a pre-existing condition. Prior to Obama Care, preexisting conditions were one of the most challenging aspects of health care coverage. Especially for those who did... Read more »

Is Medicine Reliable?

Over the last couple of decades, the suicide rate has gone up at an all time high. Reasons for the increase of suicide rates have been that so many Americans these days... Read more »

New Research Suggests Specific Blend Of Probiotics Could Increase Longevity

According to a new Montréal study examining the lives of fruit flies, a daily dose of probiotics could have a positive impact on aging and longevity. Researchers at McGill University first created... Read more »

Mental health services: There are options

This week the fashion industry lost an inspirational designer and style icon with the suicide of Kate Spade. In 2014 Hollywood lost one of the most talented actors to suicide, Robin Williams.... Read more »

Report: Donald Trump’s abortion policy on U.S. global health funding.

A report issued on Tuesday by the Centre for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) has claimed that Donald Trump’s policy on foreign aid is significantly disrupting medical assistance in local communities. In... Read more »

Recent Reports Shows That Despite Skimping On Medications Seniors Paid More

A government report released on Monday says that recipients of Medicare spent more money on brand-named prescription medications despite purchasing and taking fewer of these medicines. The report blames higher prices from... Read more »