Researchers Study The Health Effects Of Being A Night Owl

A recent study published in Chronology International suggests that being a night owl can prove detrimental to an individual’s health. The study was co-led by Kristen Knutson, who works at the Northwestern... Read more »

Gene Affecting Belly Fat Increases Diabetes Risk

The Center for Disease Control reports that nearly one in ten Americans are presently diabetic. This total amounts to more than 30 million people. Risk factors that have been known to increase... Read more »

Misericordia University of Pennsylvania Receives A Grant For A New Medical Bachelor’s Degree

Misericordia University of Pennsylvania announced they had plans for a Bachelor’s degree program nearly 23 months ago. This would be the only medical and health program of this type available. The program... Read more »
Neuroscientist, Jorge Moll's, Advanced Research Reveals Medical Innovation

An Advanced Neuroscience Study, by Jorge Moll, Explores the Relationship Between Well-Being and Affective Relationships

The specialist explained that we have a pre-programmed biological system that gives us more physiological pleasure when we donate to others rather than we receive something. In our present society, depression is... Read more »

Personalized Vaccines To Be Used Against Deadliest Forms Of Cancer

Clinical trials are now underway throughout the United States to test the efficiency of new and powerful vaccines that are intended to prevent and treat the deadliest forms of cancer. The trials... Read more »

New Study Amplifies The Need To Stay Active To Prevent Heart Disease

People who have a genetic disposition towards Heart Disease have new reasons to feel better about their prospects of containing the potential for a heart attack. According to new research, people with... Read more »

Measles Outbreak Strikes 4 States

Six people have been discovered to have the highly contagious Measles Virus in the Bay area of California. It is believed that all six people have contracted the virus from one individual... Read more »

The First Non Invasive Epilepsy Treatment Has Been Performed Outside Of The United States

MRI and laser technologies have been used for the first time outside of the United States. Physicians at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are treating the area of the brain know... Read more »

Tingling Of Hands And Feet Could Result From Many Causes

Often times when a person sits for long periods of time, they will feel the uneasy tingling in their feet. When they stand, and shake their feet a few times, the tingling... Read more »

CVS Is Entering The World Of Medical Devices

CVS is entering the medical device market. According to CNBC, the company is planning on making a device to be used for dialysis at home. CVS additionally plans to gain the approval... Read more »