New Study Says Menstrual Cups Are Great For Dealing With Periods

Per an academic medical report published earlier today, on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, in the medical journal The Lancet Public Health, menstrual cups have been confirmed as one of the most safe,... Read more »

Hyland’s 4Kids Medicines Are Making Homeopathy Easier for Parents

Homeopathic medicines are growing in popularity, and when it comes to your child, you only want to work with what’s best. Excitement is returning to more holistic approaches in medicine, with countless... Read more »

Federal Judge Instructs FDA To Impose 10-Month Deadline On E-Cigarette Applications

The Food and Drug Administration was ordered by a United States Federal Judge on Friday to set the deadline at ten months for companies to submit e-cig applications. The ruling will have... Read more »

Montana Water Park Officials Warn Customers of Waterborne Illness

With summer officially here, families tend to go on more family-oriented trips, such as to the zoo, beaches, community swimming pools, amusement parks, and water parks. While these trips are fun for... Read more »

Trump Policy Could Mean Immigrant Children With Health Concerns Will Lose Health Benefits

A proposal from the Trump Administration may result in millions of children being denied access to health benefits. The proposal would result in more immigrants being declared ‘public charges.’ This certification would... Read more »

New Breakthrough Study Claims, Plant-based Diet A Potential Crohn’s Disease Cure

An ongoing study reveals promising new evidence that a plant-based diet can help Crohn’s disease patients achieve remission. This revelation creates new hope for the millions of Americans and sufferers worldwide that... Read more »

Drug To Improve Sexual Desire In Premenopausal Women Approved by The FDA

Drug regulators in the United States made it known on Friday that they have approved drugs from Amag Pharmaceuticals and Palatin Technologies that will address the loss of sexual desire in premenopausal... Read more »

Tanzanian Health Minister Declares an Ebola Emergency

There’s an ongoing health crisis in Africa. This is according to Tanzania’s minister of health. Ummy Mwalimu made the declaration because of the Ebola outbreaks in Uganda. The countries share a border,... Read more »

Proposed Bill To Provide Illegal Immigrants In California With Medicaid Benefits Draws Criticism From Former NFL Player

NFL legend Herschel Walker went vocal with his criticism of a proposed bill in California that would provide some illegal immigrants in the states with healthcare benefits. California Governor Gavin Newsome agreed... Read more »

Brandless Dog Collars: Sturdy Hemp Mixed With Comfortable Cotton

Brandless has a whole line of high quality pet products that cost less than most people will expect. The Brandless Dog Collar is a good example of this. Coming in at a... Read more »