US is Spending More For Less on Healthcare

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The Rare Lassa Fever Has Broken Out In Nigeria

Cases of a rare viral hemorrhagic disease called Lassa fever have been drastically increasing in Nigeria. This disease kills between twenty and thirty percent of those infected and has no treatment or... Read more »

Blockchain Healthcare Management Startup Iryo Implements New Medical Record Keeping Technology

Blockchain technology continues to have new implementations investigated by various organizations around the world. One such new application being considered in the world of healthcare was recently announced when the new blockchain... Read more »

New Brain Research Suggests Stress Is Contagious

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Dementia Could Be Determined Through Blood Test

Through their Newsweek on Google, which was written on March 11,2018 the following medical news has been placed there. It is about dementia, which is an increased cognitive decline , and thus... Read more »

The Class Action Lawsuit Due To The Low Quality Medical Care Prisoners Received At Angola Prison

A class action lawsuit has been launched for the inmates at the Angola prison in Louisiana due to Francis Brauner. The suit states the medical care caused needless suffering and pain. According... Read more »

Child Overdoses Of Opiod Related Drugs On The Rise

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The Funding of Mental Health Is tied To the Gun legislation In Florida

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Terrific Skincare Suggestions

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Child Opioid overdoses have nearly doubled in 10 years

A study that was published on Monday lays out the fact that the Opioid crisis in America is very real. Even more disturbing, it’s affecting our children more than we likely knew.... Read more »