More Teens Drinking Sports Drinks

The results of a Harvard study that appeared in Mondays Pediatric Journal finds that while teens are drinking less sugary soft drinks they are drinking more sports drinks. Sports drinks often have... Read more »

Iowa Passes Strictest Abortion Law In The United States

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds recently signed a law that would change the course of women’s rights within the state. The bill would now make most abortions conducted within the state illegal, on... Read more »

The PlaySafe Program Is Committed To Protecting Student Athletes With Necessary Screenings

Dr. Anthony Luke is a primary sports medicine doctor and the Director of the PlaySafe program. The program has entered the tenth year as part of the UCSF Department of Orthopedic Surgery.... Read more »

Heal N Soothe and Why It’s A Laudable Medical Alternative To Reduce Pain and Inflammation

It helps to be gracious and cordial not just because you meet new exciting people, but also it makes you avoid pain. What can also reduce your pain is if you go... Read more »

Study Finds That MDMA May Be Effective in Treating PTSD

A new study has been published suggesting that MDMA, the active ingredient in the illegal street drug ecstasy, may be useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. According to The Guardian, the clinical... Read more »

The VA Launches A New System To Enable Patients To Retrieve Their Medical Data At Home

A new system has been launched by the VA enabling patients to have access to their medical images and health data. The system was designed to provide a larger claim for patients... Read more »
Dr. Jennifer Walden

Austin-Based Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS Elected Secretary of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is elected secretary and first female to serve on the the ASAPS board of directors New York, April 29, 2018 – New board members of the American Society for... Read more »

How Exercise Helps To Curb Your Appetite

For a majority of people, exercising is like a punishment and they cannot seem to get beyond the first few seconds of their cardio. However, recent research has proven that exercising is... Read more »

A Rapid City Hospital Is Cited For Mixing Common Garbage And Medical Waste

Despite numerous warnings from the city the Regional Hospital in Rapid City is continuing to mix regular garbage with medical waste. The red bags are easy to spot but the exact contents... Read more »

If It’s From Yuma, Throw It Out: Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Getting Worse With 98 People Now Afflicted

The outbreak of E. Coli in romaine lettuce continues to get worse. Over eight dozen people now have gotten sick, and half of them had to be hospitalized because of this strain,... Read more »