Is Body Positivity Bad for You?

A recent column in The New York Times calls into question the growing popularity of body acceptance movements. These campaigns seek to normalize obesity and provide overweight individuals with more confidence by... Read more »

The Upsides and Downs of Wine Drinking

Throughout history, wine has been a favorite dinner drink for many. It’s a flavor that some people just can’t do without, especially when it’s time to unwind and bust out that nightcap... Read more »

Neurocore: The Safest and Most Effective Approach to Curing ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, is a condition that impacts millions of people from across the country. Childhood ADHD is especially prevalent. Not only can ADHD prevent a child... Read more »

Finding The Right Vaccine To Treat Influenza

Dr. Jonas Salk, an accomplished American medical researcher, created a vaccine designed to fight, if not cure, those who had been infected with poliomyelitis a disease that attacked the nervous system. More... Read more »

Patient Healthcare Reformations Through Light

A report yesterday published by Science Daily, explores the interest of healthcare professionals in the use of lights when treating patients. The expected outcomes of implementing the light technology will benefit patients... Read more »

Four Pound Tumor Removed from a New Delhi Man’s Brain

Recently, a New Delhi man named Sanlal Pal had a four-pound tumor removed from his brain. Dr. Trimurti Nadkarni was the surgeon who performed the operation at BYL Nair Charitable Hospital. Dr.... Read more »


Doctors have difficulty selecting medications for people who don’t get it. Things get mixed up. Severity of symptoms and gender are characteristics that contribute to conflict of interest at the doctor. So... Read more »
Jason Hope Supports Anti Aging Medical Research

Jason Hope Continues to Support Rejuvenation Biotechnologies

Rejuvenation Biotechnologies are promising to give us what a lot of people hope to have one day: eternal youth. The SENS Foundation has been working on this issue for several years, and... Read more »
Mark Mofid San Diego Research

Mark Mofid’s Impactful Research On Breast Implants

Does the Type of Breast Implant Procedure Impact the Outcome? This was the question posed in a study conducted by Dr. Mark Mofid, a plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California. The purpose of... Read more »
Oncotarget has done huge amounts of researching the field of cancer, aging, and cell biology.

Advances in Cancer Research: Oncotarget’s Path to Progress

An immense, multifaceted field, cancer research takes a variety of forms and is performed by countless researchers representing a plethora of scientists in both the medical and social sciences, working in such... Read more »