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Market America Products Keep Your Family Healthy

Market America has long prided itself on being a highly inclusive community. From encouraging diversity to inviting children to major events, Market America is a true business of people. At the 25th... Read more »

Meet Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC: Mother, Surgeon, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC is a Texas-based aesthetic plastic surgeon who is nationally known for her expertise, skills and advice. She is one of only a handful of female board-certified plastic surgeons... Read more »

A Growing Concern Over Opioid Use By Prescription And Illegal Means

In 2015, the Center for Disease Control, released findings from a major national study it had performed. In this study, data was collected by state on human death from drug overdose. The... Read more »

A New Study Proves Fake Social Media Accounts Represent A Danger To Health

According to USC’s Keck School of Medicine, fake accounts on social media do a lot more than sway political discourse. These accounts are dangerous, and can be a health risk. A social... Read more »

Weiss Ring Floaters: What Are They and Is There a Cure for Them?

Eye floaters are described in many different ways, as black or gray spots or dots, strands or strings, or any series of connected “cobwebs” that are seen as visual disturbances to the... Read more »

Phage Therapy Saves Lives When Antibiotics Fail

The invention of antibiotics many years ago was hailed as a miracle drug. The truth is that we’ve used antibiotics in so many cases, that we have created mutant super-bugs which are... Read more »

Researchers May Have Made A Breakthrough Regarding Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers studying Parkinson’s disease have discovered toxic proteins, and identified them as the cause of the disruption of healthy brain cells. The integrity of the cell membranes is being harmed by these... Read more »

The Effect of Zika Virus to Toddlers

Zika Virus was first reported in 2015, and the babies born with the virus are now turning two years old. These toddlers are having a hard time coping with the disease, as... Read more »

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

There are five basic needs that are essential for human survival: water, shelter, air, food, and sleep. As humans, it is our instinct to sleep each night, this is how we recharge... Read more »

Renowned Doctor David Agus Evaluates Medical Advancements in New Year

With 2017 swiftly coming to a close, many are looking to the new year for its potential scientific and technological advancements. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of healthcare... Read more »