Roger H. Kimmel: A Diverse Business Career

While many business executives remain on a similar career path throughout their lives, others choose to be diverse and use their talents in different ways. This has been the case with Roger H. Kimmel, who has spent decades as one of the nation’s top business executives. From being a high-profile corporate attorney to an investment banker and even a college professor, he has used his talents in ways that will not only help him build a stellar career, but help others along the way.

Currently, Roger H. Kimmel is Vice-President of the investment banking firm Rothschild Inc., and is known for his expertise in such areas as contested and private equity transactions, shareholder issues, and corporate governance. In working with Rothschild, he has gained considerable experience and expertise in directing and advising not only others within the company, but also as a consultant for many other similar businesses.

Prior to joining Rothschild, Roger H. Kimmel was a prominent law partner in the firm of Latham & Watkins, where he focused on a variety of matters related to the financial sector, including corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and various corporate legal matters related to state and federal rules and regulations.

While these aspects of a business career alone sound as though they would keep an executive busy for many years, Roger H. Kimmel has always been one to explore new and interesting career options. Because of this, he has also been involved as an executive within the pharmaceutical industry, where he was founder of a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company. In this role, he not only helped guide the company to enormous success, but also went on to serve as a member of the board of directors of many companies, including those specializing in software development, motion picture production, and nutrition.

With his vast experience in law, Roger H. Kimmel has also decided to give of his time to help other aspiring lawyers realize their career dreams. As a result, he is on the faculty of the University of Virginia Law School, where he serves as an adjunct professor and lecturer. In this capacity, he teaches courses on such topics as corporate governance, as well as other topics related to corporate board leadership and public company governance.

As he has gained a reputation for excellence throughout the legal and business worlds, Roger H. Kimmel has found himself in demand as a keynote speaker at various events. Because of this, he has given speeches at The Conference Board Center, Director’s Institute, and other similar venues on such topics as board effectiveness, dealing with activists, and the role of a CEO and a company’s board of directors in today’s complex business world.

Continuing to always explore new and exciting opportunities, Roger H. Kimmel will no doubt be involved in numerous other ventures in the years ahead. Whether helping future lawyers with their education, giving a speech, or taking part in an important board meeting, he will always be called upon to lend his expertise.

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