Telebrands Brining You Innovative Products For The Last 20 Years

If you’re hooked on to your TV screen or even your social media channels, it will not be surprising if you know of Telebrands. The “As Seen on TV” phrase that many marketers have employed is actually based on their company logo. Telebrands is a direct response marketing company based in the United States that sell various products. They have been brining you innovative and state of the art products for the past 20 years. That long lasting history is proof of their mission to provide cutting edge items for their loyal clients.

The company was first started in 1983, by its founder and chief executive officer, AJ Khubani. It all started with simple print ads in the National Enquirer newspaper for the company’s various products. Going the print route was the first step in letting the market become aware of their products and their company profile. The Telebrands first company headquarters was based in Roanoke, Virginia. However, they relocated to Fairfield, NJ in 1998.

Three years after the company’s inception, Khubani thought of harnessing the power of the television for his marketing strategy. He started with three infomercials of his three best selling products. These where: the home bike machine for exercise, the patented AmberVision sunnies, and a cutting edge ultrasonic flea collar. Khubani’s ploy for Telebrand was a huge success because they were able to sell 15 million pairs of the AmberVision sunglasses.

From then on, Telebrands has dominated the industry with their numerous “As Seen on TV” products. To illustrate, the PedEgg, which is a file for the foot, which was launched in 2007 and has sold over 45 million pieces by the time 2013 rolled in. Other popular products are the pasta boat, lint lizard, pet rider, Jupiter Jack, pocket house, and many more.

These Telebrands items are sold using the following methods: print advertisements, the Internet, of course the TV, and through brick and mortar retail chains in more than 120 countries around the world. They usually have 10 to 12 products sold on store shelves, the most any company of their kind has achieved.

Working with infomercial pitchmen, they entice their consumers to call in to buy the products. Their popular TV hosts were Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan. In fact, the concept became so popular that they were featured in not one but several episodes of the Discovery Channel TV. The show was entitled PitchMen simply because they pitch products to their audience. The show even dealt with how they sought new inventions and determined what could pass inspection to be sold through media.

That being said, once a month, there is Investors Day. They open up the company to various entrepreneurs so they can come, pitch, and sell their inventions and ideas to the Telebrands team. This is not a one-time event. Instead, this Investors Day is held in several states, in order to tap more talent. Past locations included key cities like LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Jersey. Because of these types of activity, they currently tapped into another successful and trendy product called the Orgreenic non-stick cookware. Telebrands is indeed a one of a kind company whose expertise lies in bringing us products that make life easier.

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