Does TV Have a Place in Today’s Marketing? A Look at NewsWatch TV Reviews

Marketing is as old as human communication itself. Through the ages we have discerned all of the rules and maxims that when applied to the field of advertising and marketing work 100% of the time. These laws of marketing are so important to the world of business that without them, companies fail and turn to dust.

The fact that there are provable and workable laws in the field of marketing doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are as many variables as there are numbers to count. Companies are scrambling to find sure-fire methods that will cause a stampede of new customers. The problem is, while there are immutable laws in marketing, advances in technology are so fast that the medium in which we apply these laws is ever-changing. One moment we’re advertising in the local paper, the next we’re trying to make a video go viral. The foundation is the same, but the house is built with different material.

Where do you start – print ads, fliers, radio, TV, social media? These are all options, and each have their time and place, even if some of those options are mistakenly relegated to “old” or “no longer used.” For example, TV is a viable option for almost any business, yet is rarely mentioned when discussing potential marketing plans. This is most likely due to the mistaken impression that advertising on television is “elitist” and too expensive. This is far from the truth and takes no more than a quick inspection of the options available to disabuse anyone of this misguided view.

Sure, if you were looking to advertise during the Super Bowl or during primetime network programming, then that would probably break the bank, but there are options that exist outside of those parameters that would allow virtually any company to advertise through the television medium and reach a national audience.

Television advertising is often overlooked due to the lack of information readily available when discussing options with a marketing company. Despite its lack of consideration, advertising through a nationally broadcasted television advertising show is an affordable option that would allow companies to place their brand in front of a wider audience.

That’s not to say that every television advertising show is the same or even that they are all affordable, but there is one that has a history of working with small to medium-sized companies who have found them to be affordable while providing quality content. NewsWatch TV has been on the air for 30 years and in that time has provided an affordable platform for promotion.

How a Television advertising Show Like NewsWatch TV Fits into the Current Marketing Climate

To understand NewsWatch, it’s first necessary to understand television advertising. When you think “television advertising” you probably get a picture of late-night infomercials hawking the latest in exercise bands or the “sharpest tomato slicer you’ve ever seen!” Yes, those are technically in the same category but are far from what a show like NewsWatch offers.

First, let’s get a little background on NewsWatch and its evolution over the years. The show started as a modest news show that primarily covered the financial world. As you would expect, this was a niche market and so brought in niche viewer numbers. They maintained this format and the modest level of success it brought for several years. After thorough analysis of the current landscape of marketing, television advertising and the like, NewsWatch decided to change up their format to appeal to a broader audience.

This new format saw the show skewing toward more entertainment-focused content, and while this allowed them to reach a new plateau of viewers, they hadn’t yet found the level of success they were reaching for. With a new golden age on the horizon, they were getting ready for their biggest pivot yet. At the turn of the new millennium, they expanded into the world of tech, seeing the major breakthroughs in the area that would catapult us forward in the next few years. They maintained segments on entertainment but focused the bulk of their efforts on reviewing the latest and greatest in technology.   

Working with clients to craft individual review segments of their products and services, NewsWatch eased into a half-hour format that offered viewers a helpful guide on fun and convenient tech goodies that may have flown under the radar. A few years into this new tech run, they introduced the now-popular App Watch segment where they cover a number of iOS and Android apps that the viewer might find useful or, at the very least, fun. Each product or app they cover receives a minimum of 60 seconds of air time, allowing them to cover all features and any other relevant info.

A NewsWatch episode includes segments from a wide array of clients, from the small, mom-and-pop to the Fortune 500 corporation. Glancing at a list of well-known clients they’ve featured on their show, I see names like Ford, Panasonic, Audi, Google and others. While these are widely recognized companies just by their logo alone, the majority of their clients are much smaller. This is one of the ways they differ from other television advertising shows – they offer a national platform to small businesses, thanks to their accessible price point. Apparently, they’re able to keep prices down thanks to their willingness to eat the broadcasting fees so the client doesn’t see that show up in their “bill.”

Their prices are equivalent to what you might see working with a quality video production company. The difference is this video production company airs your video on a platform that beams out to over 95 million households across the U.S. on AMC and ION. This comparison to a video production company is fitting in another regard. Once the client’s video segment is complete and airs on their show, the client retains complete ownership over the content. In other words, they walk away with a complete promotional video that they can use to market on any other platform. If they want to post it to YouTube, no problem. If they want to post it to their website, go right ahead. Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else you can upload a video is fair game. This is pretty extraordinary and, frankly, unheard of.

As I mentioned before, they never fully got rid of the entertainment aspect of their show. You’ll see regular segments that highlight movie and TV reviews as well as interviews with some of today’s biggest stars. In recent years, they’ve seen A-list celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Will Smith and Chris Pratt stop by the show. They’ve even welcomed guests from the sports world onto the program – athletes like Jerry West, Joe Montana, Phil Mickelson, to name a few.

NewsWatch has received recognition in the form of Telly, Marcom and National Videographer Awards thanks to their format which not only informs but keeps us entertained.

Embracing More Than Just TV

In their effort to transition into a tech-oriented show, they needed to embrace advances in tech themselves. In addition to offering clients a spot on their show, they also flank the marketing effort with a massive social media push.

When a client hires NewsWatch to create a marketing campaign that includes a professionally crafted video that airs on national TV, the company throws in a bonus in the way of further promotion. Weaponizing their own social media channels, which includes a sturdy following, NewsWatch heavily promotes the client’s product or brand racking up hundreds of thousands of online impressions in the process. Going even further, they host the video segment on their own website,, which sees a steady stream of visitors

How Does NewsWatch Fit into the Future of Marketing?

At the top of this article, I mentioned the idea that the laws of marketing are pretty immovable, though the medium in which we market may change. In its 30 years since it first aired, NewsWatch has proven that they aren’t afraid to change with the times. They have stayed ahead of the curve by looking to the horizon, something that’s not hard to do if you just open your eyes.

I think Andrew Tropeano, host and VP of NewsWatch TV, says it best in an interview he gave to CEOCFOMagazine where he was asked what was next for the show. “In a word – everything. NewsWatch will always be a fast-paced news reporting agency, a technology, consumer and business review center, and a video production house. But we are agile and smart enough to be able to see a new avenue or industry and pivot toward it. We can head in any direction we please, and we will. But we will always be honest to who we are and will continue to provide smart and timely news, reviews and video to our fans and followers.”

In a field of uncertainty, NewsWatch seems to maintain an air of confidence, and with their continued success in an ever-changing landscape, they’ve probably earned it.

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