Family Physicians Turn Into Pot Doctors Now That Medicine Recognizes The Famous Weed

The House passed a measure in September that will protect banks that handle money for companies selling marijuana. That move shows the nation thinks pot is no longer a fringe issue. The sweeping reform bill passed by the House Judiciary Committee made some folks cheer and others boo that monumental legislative move.

Congressman Matt Gaetz told White House lawyer Kellyanne Conway she clueless when it comes to her concerns over marijuana legislation. Matt is a loyal Trumpian, but he threw some serious shade at Conway for opposition to passing a national marijuana law. Conway claims the pot on the market today is not the same pot that had Woodstock partygoers rocking for days. Kellyanne claims the THC in pot today has the ability to knock the socks of rookie pot smokers, and that makes it a health hazard instead of pain reliever with added mental benefits.

Thirty-seven-year-old Gaetz is a big supporter of legalizing weed across the nation. Matt leads the charge to change Trump’s mind about signing legislation that could make that happen. Gaetz thinks legalizing pot will reduce opioid addictions and it would reduce the amount of other schedule 1 drugs people take when they need to feel better mentally and physically.

Despite the positive movement in Washington, marijuana is still illegal even though 11 states have laws that legalize the recreational use of the famous weed. More than 30 states say using marijuana to cure aches and pain is okay. Legal medical marijuana programs are on fire. Most people want those programs in states that still believe weed is a dangerous substance.

The Judiciary Committee passed the new Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act with a 24-10 vote. Matt Gaetz and Tom McClintock of California were the two Republicans who helped pass the new weed legislation. The pot legislation includes removing the criminal penalties for using pot, and it also takes pot off the list of schedule 1 drugs. Plus, convicted pot users can get their records expunged.

Pot legislation in states like Illinois turned some primary care physicians into pot doctors. More than 4,500 doctors in Illinois certified patients for medical marijuana use last year. Those doctors don’t just give patients a prescription to use weed and then disappear. Those doctors want weed users to call them for medical advice or when they get sick. People leave their old primary care physician and start using their pot doctor as their primary caregiver. And that’s a gamer changer in medicine according to pot smokers.

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