New Study Amplifies The Need To Stay Active To Prevent Heart Disease

People who have a genetic disposition towards Heart Disease have new reasons to feel better about their prospects of containing the potential for a heart attack. According to new research, people with genetic disturbances that lead to Heart Disease and heart attacks, can reverse some of the potential damage by getting more active.

For people who already have Heart Disease, studies show that staying active can help decrease the risk for a Heart attack or other related heart damage. While there has been much focus on diet to abate Heart Disease, the new study suggests that staying physically active is a significant part of maintaining a healthy heart.

Heart Disease in America is now the number one cause of death for both men and women. Presently, the disease kills almost three quarters of a million people annually. Heart Disease has a large sub category of ailments including: Heart Attacks, Stroke, Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation. Most of these diseases involve constrictive blood vessels.

The newly released study was published in the American Heart Journal. The study followed nearly 5 million people in Europe. The study subjects included men and women of varying ages as well as races over a six-year period of time.

All of the people in the case study were at risk of getting Heart Disease because of their genetic background. According to ABC News, study participants also had other risk factors as well which made them at greater risk for Heart Disease including: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. The researchers measured physical activity through fitness monitors.

Each person in the study was categorized by their risk factors as either: high risk, moderate risk or low risk. The study showed some surprising results in all categories. Those people who were more active showed a decrease of almost 50 percent of major heart incidents compared to people who were not active in their lifestyle.

The study concludes, that exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent against advanced Heart Disease and death by Heart Disease and its related sub category diseases. While many Americans think their exercise, regimen must be extensive in order to prevent Heart Disease and heart attacks, moderate exercise of 40 minutes three times a week is recommended by the American Heart Association. Following this basic exercise regimen, along with eating a heart healthy diet and reducing stress can give those at risk for heart related death a significantly longer lifespan.

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