Potential Health Benefits Of Alcohol

Many people have been well-informed regarding the potential dangers of excessive alcohol intake. However, individuals might not be aware that, when consumed in moderation, alcoholic beverages might elicit certain health benefits.

Healthcare professionals opine that moderate alcohol consumption constitutes up to two drinks per day for men and one for women. That said, potential health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption include:

The Reduced Risk Of Cardiovascular Ailments

Mild alcohol intake is said to exert several positive impacts upon the circulatory system. Said action can raise levels of good cholesterol, which combats the accumulation of the bad form that often precipitates potentially fatal events like heart attacks and strokes. Moreover, a drink or two per day could promote better systemic blood clotting technique, which might also prevent the aforementioned major maladies.

Prevention Of The Common Cold

A study conducted by a team of scientists representing Carnegie Mellon University concluded that those who consumed alcohol in moderation, particularly red wine, experienced fewer incidents of upper respiratory problems like the common cold. Certain types of alcohol are said to contain antioxidants, which are powerful nutrients noted for their ability to eliminate infectious organisms and keep inflammation at bay.

Diminished Risk Of Dementia

Scientific studies have found that the brain cells of those who imbibe in moderate proportions might gain the strength necessary to prevent damage that could ultimately lead to the development of major mental illnesses like dementia.

Fewer Incidents Of Diabetes

Medical researchers opine that moderate alcohol consumption may reduce one’s chances of developing Type-Two Diabetes. Said professionals believe this might be the result of alcohol’s ability to help the body better regulate the important digestive hormone known as insulin.

Gallstone Prevention

Gallstones are painful clumps of bile and other systemic substances that can form inside an individual’s gallbladder. Moderate alcohol intake in believed to improve the gallbladder’s motility this enabling the offending substances to pass through said organ faster and with greater efficiency.

Improved Digestion

One or two alcoholic beverages, especially when consumed with a large meal is said to foster the digestion process. Improved digestion might reduce the development of untoward symptoms like gas buildup, indigestion and cramps. Moreover, better digestion might prevent problems like constipation and eventual weight gain from occurring.

Life Extension

A study conducted by a team of Italian researchers concluded that subjects who consumed alcohol on a moderate basis actually lived longer than those who did not practice such habits.


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