Tingling Of Hands And Feet Could Result From Many Causes

Often times when a person sits for long periods of time, they will feel the uneasy tingling in their feet. When they stand, and shake their feet a few times, the tingling usually goes away. Sometimes sitting with the arms and hands in certain possitions will cause tingling, or numbness. Shaking again will bring them back to normal. Many people think that this may be normal, but there are others who realize that there is a reason for this. It is the best idea to get these things checked out by a doctor because there could be an underlying cause for this medical phenomenon.

Tingling of the feet and hands can be related to certain illnesses, such as diabetic neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy. These are types of nerve damage that can cause numbness, and tingling in the feet and hands. This will take a diagnosis by a doctor to determine if this needs medical treatment. More than twenty million people are affected with some type of neuropathy in the United States alone. Diabetics, especially, are candidates for this disease. this is one of the reasons that doctors recommend that they take very good care of their feet.

Some other causes of tingling of feet and hands could be a pinched nerve in the back. This will also need to be diagnosed by a doctor. This could be the result of a back injury or swelling at sometime in the back. A pinched nerve usually responds to rest, physical therapy, or medication. If these thing do not provide relief, surgery is a final option. Toxins in the body, whether swallowed or absorbed through the skin, are also causes of tingling of the feet and hands. All care should be given when in the presence of arsenic thallium, anti freeze, and mercury. They can easily be absorbed, and cause unexplained tingling and numbness.

Alcohol is also a toxin that will damage nerve tissue. Anxiety can be a cause of tingling in hands and feet. It is characterized by rapid breathing which limits the amount of carbon dioxide, and oxygen levels in the body. When they are imbalanced, the hands and feet will tingle. The link between anxiety and tingling may be psychological. There are other reasons for tingling, but in any case a doctor should be seen for a proper diagnosis and to ensure the best possible treatment plan.

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