The Upsides and Downs of Wine Drinking

Throughout history, wine has been a favorite dinner drink for many. It’s a flavor that some people just can’t do without, especially when it’s time to unwind and bust out that nightcap before bed.

As if we needed any more encouragement, than what we already give ourselves, studies recently found, wine is actually good for a number of things. `

Led by M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas, Researchers in Madrid, along with the Department of Health and Genomics in Valencia, conducted a study and found that some of the components in wine, may actually be good for your mouth as it may prevent cavities and gum disease.

These findings were recently published by Moreno-Arribas and her colleagues in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

So what does wine contain that we have to thank for this? A series of micronutrients with antioxidant properties called, “Polyphenols”. Apparently, one of the properties contained in polyphenols impacts our gut bacteria, and there are also some polyphenols that can help fight off some of the bacteria that pose a threat to our health as the small intestines will absorb them, and from there the polyphenols will interact with the bacteria.

Thus, antioxidants can fight against the aging process as it takes action against unstable atoms and free radicals that play a big role in aging.

This information is what raised Moreno-Arribas and her colleagues curiosity, and led them to conduct this research, thinking, if the polyphenols contained in grapes and wine can do all that, then it also might be able to protect us against cavities, gum disease, and other harmful bacteria in our mouths.

the findings from numerous studies conducted previously, also suggested that wine has multiple benefits for our health such as:

• Drinking alcohol can slow down the aging process of our brains, as it clears out the waste and cleanses our brains

• It helps to keep our hormones healthy

• Additionally, it can aid in the prevention of one of the number one killers in the US, heart disease.

However, before heading to the liquor store for another bottle of paradise, you might want to know that past research has also revealed some — not so good — effects that drinking wine can have on you, which include…

• Women who consume alcoholic beverages (where white wine and liquor are the biggest perpetrators) have a greater risk of developing rosacea than women who don’t drink. Moreover, the risk of developing the skin condition for women grows greater with every alcoholic beverage they consume.

• Also, previously in France, over one million adults who had dementia were observed in a nationwide study. According to the findings, alcohol use is the highest preventable risk factor for setting off various types of dementia


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